July 31, 2013

What’s up Wednesday

Here’s what is going on with me this week

Happy Hump Day friends! Half way there!

I wanted to do a little filling in of my recent life here, since the last couple posts were of past events, The Pink Palace and Birthday Flood.

So here’s what’s new with me!

First off, one of my rose bushes is STILL blooming. This bad boy starting blossoming in early May and it is still going! I was so excited when I found out I have roses in the back yard. They were of course PINK. However they have been beautiful this summer as well as a good lesson in gardening. I have had to prune, fertilize, dead head etc. All new concepts to me. And on at least one bush it seems to have paid off because I still have these amazing blooms!

Wednesday’s for us the past few weeks have meant puppy school. After several weeks of deliberating, seeking recommendations, and dragging our feet, I finally called and set up classes with Companions Dog Resort. A friend of mine who also has a Golden Retriever took her dog there for puppy class and did some board and train nights with them. She had nothing but good things to say and noted that it was all positive reinforcement, which I had wanted. I also had another outstanding recommendation for their doggie camp and boarding services. So I felt pretty good going there.

Wednesday nights I load up Gunner and take him down to see all his friends; London (Great Dane), Beckly (Labradoodle), Radar (the cutest stinking German Shepherd ever! And Gunners GF ;) ), and Djioji (Pomeranian).

So far I have really liked classes. The trainers really know their stuff. Gunner isn’t very well behaved at class because he would rather play with all his friends. At home however we have made a lot of progress. I hope to continue with Companions until we have a perfectly trained dog… someday.

Pre-puppy school "sit" practice

In other news, one of my closest friends Annie hit the road for Texas today. I am so inspired by her and her boyfriend’s gutsiness to just go for it! I agree there is no better time to go explore than when we are young and not tied down. I think they are going to have so much fun in Frisco! I just can’t believe I will be losing this amazing lady and sister!

Kappa Love

Some costume action from back in the day
The Ladies at NYE
Good luck Annie and JD!!!
I also, FINALLY, got my butt out of bed and worked out before work yesterday. I have been meaning to do this ever since James started working days, because I wake up for is 5 am alarm anyway. Seemed stupid not to make the most of it. But for several weeks I didn’t. I rolled over, cuddled up with Gunner and slept another hour and a half. I know one day isn’t a lot of progress, but it’s a start. Fingers crossed to get up to doing it 3-4 times a week!

TTFN Friends!


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