November 27, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope your day is full of love, time with family, remembering your blessings and some really good food.
Today in light of the holiday I want to go through what I am most thankful for. The past month or two have not been the best. That's why now, more than ever, I need to remember to be thankful. I need to remember how blessed my life is and start a habit of reminding myself more often.
I'm Thankful...
...for the wagging tail and sloppy kisses of my best friend
      - everyday of my life is made better by him
...for almost four years of love with my great guy
...for my health and the ability to be active and continue to play the sports I love
...for a roof over my head and a home to call my own
...for my new car, and the support I received to help make it possible
...for a good job, with great people that I should be more excited to wake up for every day
...for friends that make my life fuller and brighter, no matter how far away or
      how long it has been since we talked - a day or a year.
...for a sister who makes me laugh and has become one of those great friends have my family so close and living here in Idaho, cousins, aunts, uncles and more
...for the most amazing parents who have given me more than I could have ever hoped for
      and continue to support and love me everyday wake up with another day of life, to make it whatever I want it to be,
     and to celebrate it with the people I love.
Have an amazing day. Remember why we celebrate!
All my love,

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November 26, 2014

#Hashtaghumpday Premiere

It's here! It's here! #excitement #soworththewait

Welcome to the first ever #HASHTAGHUMPDAY hosted by yours truly and the amazing Lauren from Genuinely Lauren.

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

First a little business. Here’s the scoop:
  • Each Wednesday create a post about what’s going on in your life and #hashtag each item or story. See an example HERE. Be as creative as you want! 
  • Grab the button and include it in your post
  •  Link up so we can all #creep on you and find out what’s new/funny/awesome /shitty in your life.
  •  Comment on at least one other blogger’s post from the link up (someone you don’t already know!) if there even is anyone who links up…
  •  Share on all your social sites with #hashtaghumpday
  • Have fun! #hashtagtheshitoutofeverything #whocaresifitsarealhashtag


Alright on to the good stuff.

#NEWSFLASH its the day before Thanksgiving. Oh, you already new that? #sorrynotsorry

I can't wait to stuff my face with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole and pie. Massive amounts of pie. Oh and see my family #priorities

My mom is having a cow because one of my cousins isn't coming to Thanksgiving because "it's too difficult" to get her kids ready and then deal with them while everyone is at my parents' house. I kind of have to go with my mom on this - it's one flipping day and you can't get your kids dressed to see the family? #straightuplazy #wewanttoseeyourkids #getoveryourself

Did you know there's a new Jurassic Park coming out? AND that Chris Pratt is staring?! #omgilovehim #dinosaursareawesome

I'm really struggling to make my Christmas list this year. I just keep going back to needs instead of wants #beinganadultsucks

I haven't started Christmas shopping because I just don't have the money. Between buying a new car, losing a roommate rental income and life in general, I'm pretty strapped for cash, which sucks, because giving gifts is my favorite part of the holidays #DIYgiftsforeveryonre #helpmeimpoor

Even though I'm poor I splurged on lunch out yesterday and it was #ahmazing. Between the huge chicken wrap and the perfect fries it was plenty of food for 2, even 3 meals #nope #ateitall #preppingforturkey #whatdiet?

Despite the lack of money I still plan to go Black Friday shopping because, #deals. The trick will be keeping spending under control #sayaprayerforme #justsaynolaura

Pretty sure this new linkup is the #tits and everyone should join in #dontbetoocoolforschool #jointheparty

Have a merry Turkey Day!


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November 25, 2014

My DOs and DON'Ts of Black Friday Shopping

Do you go shopping on Black Friday? Or even on Thanksgiving? (I hate the fact stores are open on Thanksgiving now but that's for a different rant)

I have to say I belong to a family of pros when it comes to BF shopping. We go every year, we always have a plan, and we are always, always successful (a.k.a. spend way too much money).

Since I have been Black Friday shopping almost every year since I could shop, I have a few do's and don'ts that I would like to share with you for a hassle free, fun, well spent Black Friday.

  • Have a plan. We specify what store, what time we are going (tentatively) and what we are buying there.
  • Go with friends/family. Duh, if you go with the people you love, it's much more fun!
  • Stop and eat a good breakfast. We stop at the Egg Factory every year after a couple stops to re-fuel.
  • Have any coupons or flyers ready to go at check out so you don't hold up the line.
  • Avoid the drama. Line too long? Someone throwing a fit? Walk away. The deal is not worth it.
  • Spread Christmas Cheer!!! Be extra polite and friendly while you are out on this stressful day. It truly is the kick off of the holidays, so remember to say THANK YOU, Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!

  • Go out wearing your pajamas. Really people, why?
  • Expect there to not be a line, or for stores not to run out of popular items.
  • Bring young children. If you're out shopping at 4 AM your child should be in bed, not with you.
  • Bring a huge purse or wear uncomfortable shoes. It's a marathon, not a sprint, so be prepared.

My typical Black Friday consists of:
  1. Home Depot for $.99 Poinsettias, fresh garlands and lights
  2. Fred Meyer for buy one get one free socks
  3. Breakfast at Egg Factory
  4. Target for wrapping paper and misc. sale items
  5. The Mall - J.C. Penny/ Kohls/ American Eagle/ misc.
  6. A well deserved nap

So make a plan, be cheerful, and make a day of it with your girls!

PS - don't forget to tune in tomorrow for the first week of #hashtaghumpday hosted by myself and Lauren. No rules, just add #hashtags and join in the fun!

#Hashtaghumpday @ Genuinely Lauren

What are your plans for Black Friday? Any tips or stores you recommend? Please let me know!


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November 24, 2014

Brewtastic Monday

Happy Monday of a short holiday week!

I cannot believe it is the Monday before Thanksgiving already. What. The. Heck. I love it though!

Today I'm talking all about beer - but not here - over at Making Mrs. M!

When Jaelan asked me to guest post for her today I was THRILLED! She is one of my favorite bloggers and we are basically the same person, bonded  by our love of beer!

So wander on over and say hi to Jaelan and give her some love! Plus learn about my favorite northwest breweries!

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November 21, 2014

5 Winter Necessities for your Furry Friend

I don’t know about where you are, but here it’s cold and dark. Two things that severely hinder my quality time with my main man.

When it comes to keeping your best friend healthy and happy this winter season, there are a few must haves to put on your list!

  1. Heated Water Bowl – With Gunner outside while I’m at work (most days, unless it’s ridiculously cold like earlier this week) it is important he always has a fresh supply of water. This week I’ve come home to frozen water bowls each night – so this bad boy is on order.
  2. LED Dog Collar – It is dark by the time I get home from work. You read that right, by 5:45 it’s dark here, but I still need to take my buddy for a walk. For his safety (and mine) we make sure we are visible with this light up collar. It makes him look like a flashing Christmas tree and I love it.
  3. Glow in the Dark/LED ChuckIt! Ball – I have to get some energy out of Gunner if I’m to get anything accomplished at night or want any sleep. Thus fetch is a must in the evenings. Now that it is so dark we have to use a ball he can see! (if your dog chews their ball significantly I would not recommend the LED Ball – Gunner already destroyed it. It worked great till then though!)
  4.  Hammock Car Seat Cover – Snow means wet and wet means mud. To keep your car seat clean in the winter months while transporting your pet, it’s always good to have a protective cover. I just ordered this one to replace my old one and it is GREAT!
  5. Laser Pointer  - Sometimes it is just too cold and too miserable to take Gunner outside. My back up? The laser pointer. He (and the cat) will chase this around the house for hours, and it’s great entertainment for the human counterpart as well!

What are the cold-weather must haves you use for your pet?

Please be sure to keep your pet inside during extreme winter weather! Keep them warm, safe and dry!

Happy Friday!
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November 20, 2014

Announcement! #HashtagHumpDay

Ever since Kathy stopped doing Hump Day Confessions I’ve been at a loss as to what to do for Wednesday posts. I always loved having that link up to fall back on – something that provided me a prompt every week.

So I’m starting my own. Wednesdays will now be #HashtagHumpDay and everyone is welcome to join in (and by everyone, I mean the 8 or so of you who are the regulars around here). It will be a hybrid of confessions, currently, really anything you want - as long as you #hashtag the Schmidt out of it!

Soon to be an actual button - working on it!
Here’s the scoop:
  • Each Wednesday create a post about what’s going on in your life and #hashtag each item or story. See an example HERE. Be as creative as you want!
  •  Link up so we can all #creep on you and find out what’s new/funny/awesome /shitty in your life.
  •  Comment on at least one other blogger’s post from the link up (someone you don’t already know!) if there even is anyone who links up…
  •  Share on all your social sites with #hashtaghumpday
  • Have fun! #hashtagtheshitoutofeverything #whocaresifitsarealhashtag


#HashtagHumpDay will premier next Wednesday the 26th! Join in, or just come read all about me and my life #yourewelcome. 

Interested in being a co-host #hashtagger? Email me or comment below :)

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November 19, 2014

Fa la la la Liebster

I know, I know, I’ve done the Liebster before, but you can’t just not go along with it when you get nominated! Plus there’s a twist… and you will like it.

Thank you so much to Ali of Ali Rose for the nomination. I cannot put into words how much I loved that your “facts about me” were all Christmas related! I. Can’t. Even.  

What I can do is copy you, because it’s that time of year and it will help me pick different facts from the last time I was nominated.

So the usual Liebster things apply…
- Link back to the blog who nominated you.
- Answer all of their questions.
- Write 11 facts about yourself (XMAS RELATED!)
- Link 11 blogs with less than 200 followers and tell them you've nominated them.
- Ask 11 facts for the blogs you nominate to answer.

  1. I have never missed a Christmas eve at my Aunt’s house in Emmett, Idaho. This year will be the 26th of that tradition. It’s a bit of a drive, but it’s that drive that lets me know it truly is Christmas.
  2. Every year Santa visits my Aunt’s house on his way around the world during Christmas Eve. “Santa” has been a tradition passed down in my family and is now, to my extreme enjoyment, my dad. He does a great job for my little cousins (and us). 
  3. For Christmas Eve dinner we always have soups. Well…lots of appetizers and then soup if you can still fit it in your stuffed belly. Christmas day we always have quiche for breakfast. Those are our two “traditional” Christmas meals.

  4. When I was a kid I used to get so excited/nervous for Christmas that I would get sick to my stomach. I used to sit and look out the windows trying to see Rudolph’s nose as we waited for Santa to come to my Aunt’s house, no matter how sick I felt, and then that illness would just mysteriously vanish once he arrived.
  5. I prefer a real Christmas tree. THEY SMELL SO GOOOOOOD.
    And they're bushier!
  6. I DO NOT indulge in Christmas music or put up decorations until after Thanksgiving. I can’t cheat on Thanksgiving like that and just let it feel unimportant…
  7. Both my dog and my cat will have stockings, and they will be filled by Santa.
  8. At my sorority we used to go door to door to the Fraternities singing Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You as our “serenade” to ask dates to our winter dance.
  9. We had the best Ugly Sweater Party of the season last year, and I like to brag about it. 

  10. My favorite Christmas song is The Christmas Song (haha, see what I did there) or you may know it as Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire, preferably the Nat King Cole version!
  11. Christmas Day is always sad to me. There is so much build up and then it all comes to a close in one-two days. It's over, just like that. My heart breaks a little bit every year when it’s over.

Okay, for nominations I'm going to steal something from Lauren, because it was just too perfect - 

"Now, I'm going to be like Oprah and nominate everyone! You get a nomination! You get a nomination! Everyone gets a nomination!"  

So yeah, that's you. YOU ARE NOMINATED.  Here are your questions.
1. If you had to be in the extreme - do you prefer hot or cold weather?
2. Who is your favorite (s) blogger and why?
3. You're at Bath and Body Works - what's your go-to scent?
4. You're home alone and it's a movie night - what is your guilty pleasure (could watch it a million times movie? Mine's Pitch Perfect, since I know you are wondering.
5. Not everyone is a good cook, but everyone is good at making something in the kitchen - what's your specialty?
6. Pick your poison - what's your alcoholic beverage of choice?
7. What's your favorite Musical? If you don't like musicals we can't be friends...
8. Do you have a lucky/favorite number? What is it and why?
9. Dogs? Cats? both? What's your pet status?
10. What is the best thing you ever got for Christmas?
11. What is your favorite dish at Thanksgiving?

Whooofta... Ok and here are my answers to Ali's questions:

1. What is your favorite thing about blogging? Meeting people!
2. What is your favorite thing to cook? Guacamole/Poolside Dip - I'm famous for both
3. What are your holiday essentials? Real garland and TONS of lights and glitter, duh.
4. If you could go anywhere, right now, where would you go?
New Zealand to sit on the beach and explore the beautiful country/Lord of the Rings set
5. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Art/PE
6. What is your favorite holiday memory and/or tradition? That "Santa" comes on Christmas eve and we each take a turn sitting on his lap, especially now that my dad plays Santa for my little cousins!
7. What are some of your guilty pleasures? Pitch Perfect, Peanut M&M's, purses and shoes galore!
8. If you could pick another name for yourself what would it be? Uh.... McKenzie? haha that was right off the top of my head
9. If I handed you a $100 dollar bill what is the first thing you would buy? It would go in the bank sadly
10. Who is one of your favorite bloggers? All. I can't pick just one!
11. What is (or some of) your must have beauty essentials? Chapstick. Lot's and lots of chapstick.

Ok your turn!!! Thanks for sticking around if you made it this far. YOU ROCK AND I LOVE YOU!


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