March 2, 2015

#4WeeksFit {well 6 really}

So I wasn't going to do a post today, thus why this is going live so late.

But sometimes you stumble upon something that is so fitting with your day that you might as well post it. I mean really, I saw the #4WeekFit link up over at my friend Kayla's blog and immediately thought "hey, I should do that!"

So here we are, talking fitness today on the blog. And why is it such a good fit for today you might ask? Well today is day one of my Warrior Fit 6 week body transformation.

I did the 28 Day challenge with Warrior Fit in 2013 and had great results. I lost a little over 10 lbs in four weeks. I also gained a lot of experience in eating healthy and clean. Most of all I LOVED the work outs. Their program is made up of 30 minute workouts, all of which kick your butt. Plus at only 30 minutes I never felt like it was the time commitment a trip to the gym would be.

So when I saw their Groupon go live again I knew I wanted a second go at it. 

Why? Because I have 5 weddings this year. FIVE. And I'm sick of looking at pictures of myself in cute dresses and being disgusted by my body. I've reached an all time low...I have a gut. I think all girls probably have that little pooch that goes over their pants?? (anyone? Bueller?) Well mine has become full beer gut status. Now my leggings/yoga pants that I usually wear high up, over the "pooch" won't stay up and sit below the nasty little baby bump I have, with no actual baby. The belly is real my friends and it needs to go away.

See exhibit A: Me looking excessively chubby coming down the aisle at my friend's wedding in October.
So today I started the Warrior Fit nutrition plan (the first 3 days are a cleanse and nothing but fruits and vegetables). Tonight I am going to my first workout class with them. And for the first time in a long time I'm hopeful this might actually be the kick in the ass I need.

The goals:
1 | Attend 4 Warrior Fit classes a week and lift 2 times a week (can be on the same day as class)

2 | Follow the Warrior Fit Nutrition Plan as closely as possible for the entire 6 weeks (that includes my birthday but there are built in "cheat days" so I can hopefully use one that day)

3 | No alcohol. After this weekend and spending entirely too much time in bed and running to the bathroom to throw up yesterday, this one is a no brainer. I HAVE to stop doing that to myself. Plus, no alcohol means less calories and a healthier fat burning system overall.

4 | Lose 10 + pounds/feel better. I don't really want to put a poundage goal here, but since I lost 10 over 4 weeks last time, I think 10 is doable for 6 weeks. I just want my clothes to fit better and to feel better overall. I know a healthy diet and lots of activity will work wonders for that.

Here's hoping 4 weeks from now I'll be feeling fit and fab in time for my birthday! I'll post more about my Warrior Fit challenge as I go along (and some healthy recipes!).

Go link up with Erin and Kristin and share your fitness goals for this month.
Happy first Monday of March ladies!!
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  1. I'm so glad our link-up found you at the right time! ;) Thanks for joining us! I'm with you on feeling like I've got a gut and just wanting all my clothes to fit better! I'm really trying to stay away from the sweets, but gosh that Easter candy is tempting!!

  2. First, you are beautiful lady! Second, I love your goals and you are going to kick butt! I started my first round of Whole30, and I can't have alcohol (among other so yummy but bad for me things) and I found a new love for We got this!

  3. I have been disgusted with myself lately too and tired of the efforts I am making not working so I am stepping it up for this challenge too! Good luck on your goals! I know we got this!!

  4. Girl I am right there with you on the gut thing! It's official- my pants are way too tight!!! I KNOW you can do this. I think following along with you ladies who also linked up will keep me motivated!!! Good luck!

  5. I've seen lots of bloggers talking about this recently and the more I see it the more I think it's a sign I really should join in. Best of luck to you dear! 5 weddings though? Yeesh!

  6. YAY so glad you're linking up for 4 Weeks Fit! We got this girl!

  7. FYI - being a wedding photographer - that angle is the WORST angle to photograph someone from - so don't be too hard on yourself :)
    Go get 'em girl!!!

  8. Look at you go! Instead of sitting around being all sorry for yourself, you're doing something about it! I gotta admire that!

  9. You go Glen Coco! I can't wait to see the journey you're taking. Love that you're taking this head on and kicking ass.

    Also, the photos in your wedding recap are gorgeous - this one convinces me that poor photographer doesn't understand you never take pictures of anyone at that angle!

  10. These are awesome goals! FIVE WEDDINGS? Talk about some good motivation! I'm so glad you linked up with us and am excited to see how you rock your goals this month!

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