September 29, 2014

The Creative Closet | Maxi Moment

Hello lovelies!

I am beyond excited to be co-hosting the Creative Closet this week with two of my favorites, Jana and Maegan!

These two wonderful ladies thought up the Creative Closet - a link up to help us push our boundaries in fashion and try new combinations with the items we already have in our closets.
The Creative Closet

This week's prompt was Maxi Moment. Maxi's are something I can get behind for sure! I have several maxi dresses but for this post I chose my favorite skirt of all time. It was my first maxi anything and I never looked back.

Blouse : Macy's ( similar) | Skirt: LOFT (similar) | Belt : Gordmans (similar) | Bag: | Booties : Target (similar)
What I love most about a maxi skirt is you can dress it up or down. I chose to dress up my look a little with a belted, textured, bright pink blouse and heeled booties.

To be honest I had planned on this blue blouse you have seen before. But I have worn it with my maxi before. So I made myself try something else with the skirt. I couldn't be more happy with how it turned out!

This is a perfect work outfit for me as we transition from the hot as blazes weather here into cooler temps. Which couldn't get here soon enough if you ask me!

How do you like to style your maxi skirt? I know you have one in your closet, so pull it out and join the party! Or check out the October prompts and join in with us next week. (I can't believe it's already almost October!)

Here are the details: 

1) Follow your hosts and the week's co-host (first 3 links)

2) Visit and comment on 5 other blogs--because no one likes a link-and-run-er. Plus checking out the other outfits is the half the fun!

3) In your blog post, share either The Creative Closet button or a link back to Jana or Maegan's posts on your blog.

Optional, but you should, because it's cool:

4) Share your look on social media using #thecreativecloset

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September 26, 2014

E U R O T R I P | Part 2

I have decided that I really want to share my post-grad Eurotrip with blogland. So, WELCOME ABOARD for this very photo-clad  trip down memory lane! (scroll all the way to the end for all the pics!)

Here’s the general overview: After graduation I “back-packed” Europe with two of my best girlfriends as my graduation gift from my parents. We did  8  9 cities in 3 countries over 21 days.

While I could bore you all with the details and places we went every day, we both know that is a painful, unnecessary thing to do.  

Instead I am going to share with you the FUNNIEST parts of our trip. Because really, that’s where/when the memories were made!

Here's Part 1 if you missed it!

Part 2 of E U R O T R I P: European Obsession

There was a reoccurring theme for our whole trip to Europe. That theme was "EVERYONE IS OBSESSED WITH JESSIE."

From the boat owner in Monterosso (more below) to the scarf-clad young man in Florence and even the waiter that would not stop calling her an angel in Rome - the men of Europe were all about Jessie.

It's not hard to understand. With long, dark flowing locks and dark features, she's the European dream (obviously).

For the most part it worked out well for us - free drinks, and lots of free laughs! What was just so remarkable about it was that it was so wide spread. Seriously, we couldn't go anywhere without someone coming on to her! 

That being said, here is my FAVORITE story from our trip. 

In Cinque Terre, Italy we went on the most amazing boat tour along all 5 villages that make up the area.

Angelo, of Angelo’s Boat Tours was our guide and he was the sweetest, roundish, middle-aged Italian gentleman we could have ever imagined.

Pssssst.... that's Angelo!!!!

We saw spectacular views from the water, swam, ate tapas and drank Italian wine and Angelo's personally made Limoncello.

You guys, the water is so clear and bright, it's gorgeous!

It was by far my favorite experience of the whole trip. Cinque Terre is breathtaking. You have probably seen the photos online, but these are my personal photos!!!

At the end of the tour, Jessie went into the office to ask if she could get a print of their promotional posters, which had beautiful original artwork, as a memento. Katie and I waited on the dock as she went in to get it, as Angelo had promised her a framed copy. 

About 10 minutes later she returned, completely drained of color and ill looking. All she could say was “he kissed me….” We both laughed thinking nothing of it. But no, this wasn’t just any kiss. Little old Angelo had basically tongue-raped my unsuspecting friend. He full fledged, French kissed her in return for the poster. 

She was so disturbed that we hid from him the rest of the trip (because we are pretty sure he followed us around that tiny town). In fact, after the whole experience she was so traumatized that she didn’t want the poster any more. I packed that thing all the way home and it now happily hangs in my master bath.

This is what the poster looks like - I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the actual print in my bathroom.
 We also did a hike through all the villages and captured some more amazing photos!

Plleeeeeaaaase take me back there! It was MY FAVORITE destination of all time!

Also you can read PART 3 of Eurotrip!

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September 25, 2014

Doing my Thursday Thang...

Happy Friday Thursday friends! It’s my Friday though, so you all can be a little jealous, I’ll allow it.

Let’s get to business.

Thursdays are for updates. Updates on fixing myself and updates on how this good ol’ 50 day no booze challenge is going.

I wish I had some fabulous poundage number to throw at you or an old pair of jeans I now miraculously fit back in, but I don’t. To be honest I haven’t seen a lot of changes in my body (boooo).

However, I have felt a lot of changes and surprised myself.

First off my pits and tits hurt something awful today – thanks bench press. I don’t think I’ve been sore there since, well ever. I like being sore. I crave being sore. It means I did something good for my body. So there’s that.

Second, I went on my first outdoor run since probably April. I was dreading it. I thought I wouldn’t make it far and the pit/tit ache wasn’t helping as they bounced along with me… but it was AMAZING! I made it more than a mile without stopping to walk! On my first run getting back into things that is unheard of.  UNHEARD OF PEOPLE.  It felt so good to just run. The fact that my legs kept moving and I could still breathe even after the corner where I usually stop to walk made me ecstatic. Apparently whatever I have been doing at the gym, paired with volleyball all summer has helped me stay somewhat in shape. Win!

Lastly I really held my own this weekend when it came to the Sober ‘till October challenge. I went to the college football tailgate here in town to meet with some friends. I could barely imagine going to a tailgate without having a beer, but I knew I had to try.  If I can’t handle that sober then I’ve failed this challenge already.

So I bought myself a large diet cherry limeade and we headed over. Sure I wanted a beer. But do you want to know what was even better? The response I got when I told people about my challenge. In fact I surprised myself just as much as them I think. I had to take a moment to think about it, but I realized it had been 28 days since I had any alcohol. A whole month! Not only did I get wows from others, I sort of wowed myself! I’ve made it a whole month now and it really hasn’t been all that hard. Since I didn’t drink the two days before the challenge the total non-drinking days now equal 31. Get some!

Sure I am really excited for October 15th to roll around so I can have a pumpkin ale. However I can’t get over how pleased I am with the challenge so far. No slips, no huge temptations. I just feel empowered. I know it’s not a big deal – lots of people don’t drink at all. Well good for them. But for me, meeting my goal (and exceeding it I’ll admit) feels great. 

Here’s how the rest of my personal challenge is going:
** Gym sessions – 2-4 a week consistently!
** Runs – 1 really stinking good one!
** Volleyball (which counts as a workout) – Big tournament last weekend! And games every week!
** Weekday healthy, packed lunches consumed –Tons. I haven’t eaten out at work in 3 weeks!
** Healthy Recipes blogged – A few. See here and here and the re-post here.
** Alcohol consumed - ZIP
** Cheat days taken –?  Still my weakness. Weekends are tough.
** Soreness – Pectorals and Glutes/T-bands
**Sleeping - Better than I have in a really really long time! Damn those pets who wake me up though!

Overall I am feeling happier and healthier. I wish it reflected a little on the beer gut over here but I know in time I’ll get there. Three weeks and four days till the wedding. It’s crunch time!

Make sure to check in with Blake too to see how her Sober ‘till October challenge is going!

How’s your fitness journey going? What do you think about not drinking for a whole month or a whole 50 days? Anyone else wish lifestyle changes had instant results? I do!!!

PS - installment #2 of Eurotrip will be up tomorrow. You won't want to miss it!

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