June 30, 2014

This weekend I...

I think we all get bored of the weekend posts. Heck - I'm too bored to even write a actual post about it.

So here's a snapshot of my weekend in pictures.

This weekend I...

I'll fill you in on this later - but I jumped onto James' plan, AND that day we set up a joint checking account! Shit's It's getting real!

It was a BEAUTIFUL outdoor reception. Check out these views!
They never cease to amaze me.

Pinterest success and fail at the same time... they're sorta meh...

Alright, that's all for now. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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June 27, 2014

It's a Good Day When...it's Friday

Friday's are always a good day right?
=It's A Good Day Linkup

But there are lots of things that make each and every day, a good day. So when I saw this link up, I just had to participate.

It's a good day when... 

...  I don't wake up to Ted howling at the bedroom door.

... I get my liquid eyeliner on without smearing it on my face

... I have time to make a real breakfast instead of just a smoothie

... the birds are chirping outside my window

... we go on a Sonic Diet Cherry Limeade run at work

... I get my fat ass to the gym, and work it hard!

... Gunner greets me at the door with a wagging tail

... I don't get a new scratch/bite mark from Ted

... I get kisses on my neck while I'm cooking dinner

... I have fresh cut roses from my garden in a vase

... Say Yes to the Dress is on

... I actually get to pick the movie we watch

... I laugh about something with my sister and realize how alike we actually are

... I get to spend time with my family

... I get to spend time outside doing something fun

... my favorite song comes on the radio

... I recover my long lost favorite sunglasses I left at volleyball

... I get something fun in the mail - coupons, invites, cards, presents!

... I hear from a friend I don't talk to very often

... I make it to happy hour... anywhere
or in Italy...

... it's Friday and work is almost over for the week!

And let's double your pleasure and double your fun with another link up!

The Grits Blog

 Have an amazing weekend!!!!

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June 26, 2014

98 Pairs of Shoes

98 Pairs of Shoes | Life with Lolo

True life: I’m addicted to shoes

I’ve always been that girl who has a lot of shoes. It’s one of those things everyone who’s close to me knows about. It’s something those even closer to me understand is an addiction. I have a whole Pinterest board in which I pine over all things glorious in shoe land as well...

98 Pairs of Shoes | Life with Lolo

My mom once told me a shoe store to me was like a bar to an alcoholic.

Here’s the thing - I can always seem to justify a shoe purchase.

First off, I don’t have expensive shoes. I don’t go to Nordstrom or Dillards to buy designer shoes, most of mine are Payless or some other discount store. The only shoes I have that are over $40 are typically my running shoes (and even those I sometimes find on clearance). So I can always justify the fact that I can have MORE shoes because I spend LESS on each pair… makes sense right? Plus, if I love a pair of shoes, I’ll wear the crap out of them – so they are worth it (evidence to follow)!

shoes make me happy
Secondly, shoes always fit. Shoes always look good. When you struggle with your weight or are big chested like me, there are lots of times clothes don’t fit or don’t look good. Shoes aren’t like that – they come in a size that will fit and they make your foot look better rather than worse (most times) unlike clothing. Going up a size in a shoe doesn’t bother me the way going up a size in a pair of jeans would.

In Her Shoes Quote
Third, shoes have personality. You can define yourself with a good pair of shoes. Maybe I’m calling myself cheap with that statement since I said I buy cheap shoes… but a cute pair of shoes says something about you. A statement color or interesting texture in a shoe adds appeal to a boring outfit. And again if nothing fits but a black top and jeans – shoes are there for you to make you feel better about yourself.

You can tell about a person by their shoes

Lastly, life is short, buy the damn shoes.
Life is short buy the shoes
By the way if you haven't tried JustFab you should - cute shoes and purses for cheap!

Ok so where am I going with all this?

I have never found a reason to justify a shoe count. I’ve always wanted to know what the total was and I finally found a reason to.

When I found out a friend was collecting shoes for a philanthropy project to help children I knew I needed to step up to the plate. I had a huge tub of shoes in the garage that hadn’t been touched since I moved in (over a year ago!) so obviously I could part with them. This was easier said than done. 

98 Pairs of Shoes | Life with Lolo
Shoes to be donated
But I knew I should COUNT before I divided up the ones to be sent off. And I did.

I have had 98 pairs of shoes.
Impressive? Yes, but I was hoping I was going to break the 100 mark.

I donated 21 pairs to my friend Karissa who is collecting shoes for Dando Amor.

98 Pairs of Shoes | Life with Lolo
Shoes to be donated... and Gunner's ball is in there

I sold 2 pairs to a consignment shop and I have 5 more pairs I plan to sell when they are more in season.

That leaves me with only 70 pairs left in my closet.

98 Pairs of Shoes | Life with Lolo
The closet after the purge
Let me introduce you to a few pairs that got to stick around.

My two favorite pairs of sandals – note how worn these are, I get my money’s worth!

Favorite sandals
Eddy Bauer old (outlet mall) and Steve Madden Girl (Ross)

My go-to black wedges for summertime

favorite wedges
Target | similar here

My Italian leather suede heels, purchased in Florence

favorite heels
Italy - GO THERE
My favorite pair of black flats to wear to work – hello sparkly loafers
favorite flats
Bakers | similar here

My favorite pair (one of many) of tennis/running shoes
favorite tennis shoes
Discount Nike Shop | here

 I think with all this shoe purging I deserve a new pair...or two...

What do you think?

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June 25, 2014

Humpday Confessions

Halle – freakin – lujah we made it to hump day again.

Vodka and Soda
Time to do my favorite post of the week and link up with Kathy over and Vodka and Soda – duh.

Here’s this week’s h-u-m-p-d-a-y confessions…

…I confess… I had my lady doctor appointment last week and told her I struggle with the same thing all girls do – losing weight and body image. She was all concerned and thought we should do a blood test to check out my thyroid levels. I should have just stopped her right there and said no, this isn’t something caused by my body, it’s caused by me liking to eat and drink…but I didn’t. Because secretly I wanted it to come back with an issue as proof it wasn’t my fault (it was totally normal btw) and also because I didn’t have it in me to say “no, I just really like pizza, burgers and beer, that’s why I’ve put on weight…”

…I confess… yesterday morning I brought in Gunner’s Kong to fill it with peanut butter like I always do before I leave for work and it was completely covered and full of ants. Instead of leaving it outside I rinsed it in my kitchen sink and watched all the little ants drown, realizing after the fact how gross it was that I just did that. Sorry if you find an ant in your dirty dishes roommates – I just didn’t have a rational thought for how to get rid of them otherwise…

…I confess…I have 98 pairs of shoes, or did. No, really I do. Post tomorrow all about it!

…I confess… more than once I have considered taking a nap on the toilet at work. It’s just so quiet and I’m always so exhausted and when I prop my head up on my elbow my eyes slowly start to close and… then I snap out of it and realize how stupid it would be to nap on a toilet…

…I confess… I hate the fact you have to buy a gift to go to a wedding. Yes I get it, it’s that person’s special day and it’s a tradition. And yes I fully expect to get an ass load of gifts for my own wedding. But I hate that in order to go to a wedding a gift is expected or at the very least a gift card. I mean sometimes I go to weddings of friends or people I have never even bought a birthday or Christmas present for, so why do I have to get you one now? And how am I a good enough friend to be invited if we haven’t had said gift exchanging in our past relationship? Ugh shoot me now – we have a reception to go to this weekend and THEY WERE ALREADY MARRIED last year. So it’s basically just a reason to get gifts, thus my frustration. It better be open bar… (oh and they each had a bachelor/bachelorette party this week before this reception, but again THEY’RE ALREADY MARRIED so I don’t understand it. I get it you got married quick so she could have a green card but neither of you are a bachelor of any kind anymore.)

…I confess…it is taking every tiny bit of will power I have not to shop at the semi annual sales of my two favorite places (BBW and VS). Since I am in debt (as previously discussed) and poor I have completely cut my spending on things other than groceries/food. So I don’t get to do my usual stock up of body products and new underwear and it’s KILLING ME. Going from a shopaholic to a no shopping of any kind kind of person is giving me all sorts of anxiety. It physically hurts I swear…

…I confess… I sliced into the tip of my thumb and into the nail last week with a big kitchen knife I was using to chop lettuce. BLOOD, blood everywhere...

Ok I’m losing focus and need to stop here.

Go link up so I can read all your crazy confessions!
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June 24, 2014

Curses and Lessons

Last night I played grass volleyball. Typically the court boundaries are ropes, with little pins that hold them down, but one court had the nerve to have HUGE METAL STAKES to keep the corners in place.

Can you guess where I'm going with this? I landed the arch of my right foot square on the head of one of those bad boys and YOWZA! But I didn't say yowza... I of course had all sorts of creative curses flying.

Then it got me to thinking of the curses and phrases I use so often, and where I got them from.
I can peg almost every single one on my parents. Here are some of my favorites, let's start with the curses (Mom):

:// "Fuck a duck"

:// "Shucks" (my go to in high school as I wouldn't get in trouble for this one)

:// "Shit fit"

:// "Damn it all to hell"

:// "Hell hole"

:// "No worries" (my Mom did a 3 week stint in Australia and came back with this catch phrase)

Then you have the good natured lessons I learned from my Dad:

:// "Age and treachery overcome youth and skill"

:// "You can't fight fire with fire"

:// "Don't play with fire if you don't want to get burned"

:// "Practice makes perfect"

:// "Don't tell Mom"

Obviously it was more of my mom's influence that I was spewing last night, and even this morning as I gingerly walk around on it. Poor fucking foot...

Ok there's my random ass Tuesday post for you. 

Do you have things you catch yourself saying that came directly from your parents?

TTFN - See ya tomorrow for confessions!
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June 23, 2014

Fantastic Family Weekend Recap!

I was a terrible blogger this weekend, but sometimes enjoying yourself is more important than documenting it right?

So I have VERY few photos for evidence of an amazing weekend with my family that came in from Indiana.

Still… I feel the need to do a recap of what an epic weekend it was!

My aunt, uncle and my two cousins along with their husband and girlfriend all stayed at my parent’s house this weekend while here on their family vacation across the northwest.

I got up early Saturday morning and did yard work (I feel like such an old lady getting up at 7:30 on a weekend to pull weeds). Then James and I headed over there to meet the family and go to the Saturday market and explore  downtown Boise. Not only was the farmers market going on, but there was also a refugee festival and the LGBT Pride Parade. Apparently Indiana is even more conservative than Idaho because they were all blown away by the diversity of the events all within a few block radius. Actually, I was surprised myself, but also happy that Idaho is progressing!

After mingling around the market and grabbing some beers and apps at a local brewery we split up for a while so they could see a few things in the area (like their old house and my grandparents’ graves). I tried to sneak a nap at this time because I knew it was going to be a long day! Ted and Gunner joined me.

Then it was off to a late lunch and quick stop at my place so they could see my first home. Afterwards we headed to Les Bois Park to watch and bet on the horse races!

I haven’t been to the horse racing park since I was a little girl. It was so much fun making bets, drinking beer and learning about how the odds/bets work. It is a lot more complicated than I thought! We had planned on staying only a race or two, but were there through 8 races. It was just that fun!

After some down time after the races, I took my cousin and her husband out. They had wanted to try out some of the bars around town, and it was probably the only chance I will have to go out with my cousin like that ever. Obviously we had to take advantage. We sat out at the patio and had several beers at one of my favorite university bars, and then headed downtown so her husband could check out our new Whiskey Bar. It was more fun than I could have ever imagined. Both my cousin and I decided that if we lived in the same town all the time we’d be inseparable and probably get in a lot of trouble! I think I may have convinced her and her husband to move here though – fingers crossed because I’d love to go out with them again.

Sunday I was up early again to go to an adviser meeting for my sorority. Afterwards I wanted nothing more than to crawl back in bed with some ibuprofen and a Gatorade (I was dying), but I managed to pull myself together and head to brunch with the family. The mimosas food revived me and then it was off to the pool. A few more drinks and the cool water were just what I needed to completely erase what was left of my hangover.

We capped the night off with a bike ride along the Boise River to one of my favorite pizza places in town where we all sat out on the patio and enjoyed a gorgeous night. Once back at my parents' I said my good byes and headed home It's such a bummer that it will probably be another two years or more before I see them all again—unless I make it to a Colts game which they promised me tickets to. I should probably get on that!

It was such a good weekend. I ache a little wishing this part of my family lived here in Idaho so I could see them all the time. But then weekends like this wouldn’t be as special.

What made your weekend special? Do you have relatives you see very rarely? How do you stay close?

Happy Monday all!

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