October 31, 2014

Happy Bark-o-Ween!

Happy Halloween friends!
Since my actual post today had nothing to do with Halloween, I felt obligated to do another.
Mostly to show you the CUTEST football player of all time, Gunner the Wide Receiver Retriever!
I spotted this "wide retriever" costume back at the beginning of the month (Target) and had to have it because duh, I have a golden retriever. 
But I was a good little girl and waited all the way till this week for it to go on sale. $3.50. Yeah buddy.
Throw on some eye black and this stud is ready for action!
He never misses a ball!!!!
Oh and Ted didn't miss out on the costume thing either, he's Shark Bait...

I will be sharing MY costume tonight as we head to Frightened Felons at our old haunted penitentiary. Make sure you follow on Instagram!
Be safe. Eat some chocolate. Get your spooky on!
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Walking among the Giants

Yay! It’s Friday and HALLOWEEEN!!!!

Something magical happened yesterday, I found my mojo. Well for blogging at least. Working, not so much. I will really regret that next week when nothing of substance got done this one… oops.

Anyways, that means I have a VACATION POST for you! And because I can’t turn down a good link up, I’m going to share 5 things about this part of vacation so that I can shout to the rooftops “Oh Hey, Friday!”

Here’s a break down of our little road trip, so you have an overview.  Today I am only focusing on one area so here’s the list of the other stuff I may or may not cover:

Day 1: Lake Tahoe
Day 2 – Day 5: Wedding weekend in Occidental
Day 6 -7: Redwoods (today!)
Day 8: Crater Lake/Bend, OR
Day 9: Bend, OR (A.k.a brewery heaven).

Ok, on to the good stuff.

  1. Awe Inspiring. That is the best way I can describe the Redwoods. There is no place I can think of that leaves me in such awe at mother nature and the Universe. These trees are over a thousand years old. They we’re here before our country was founded, or even found. They have survived earthquakes, fires, tsunamis and stood the test of time. They are the giants we can walk among.
  2. Gigantic. Ok, that is a given right? I assumed they would be huge, but seeing them in person is a whole other story. I cannot even put into words how impressive they are. You can’t see the top. It’s a football field and more up to their top branches. Almost 400 feet!!! Plus their trunks are phenomenal. You could easily carve one out and live in it comfortably and even park your car in there with you. Crazy.
    James is 6'4" and almost 300 lbs, or basically the size of an offensive lineman. So that's a big ass tree!!!
  3. Mystical. The day we did our hike it had rained that night and morning. It left an eerie mist above us in the tree line. Everything was wet and clean and smelled so fresh. You guys the smell alone is a reason to go. Pure. Genuine. Forest. It makes me crave it just talking about it.  Walking below the mist and even up in it, you felt like you were in a different world or a different time. It was magical and peaceful.
  4. Somber. Unlike many of the forests and mountain areas I have been to, the Redwoods are dark and quiet. Eerily quiet. There are no birds chirping, no squirrels running amok, no wind blowing through the branches. Just silence and mist and darkness. You can rarely see the sky through the canopy. It sounds bad, but really it was beautiful. You were so separate and alone. It was just you and the trees.
  5. A week worthy. We only really spent one full day in the Redwoods. I could have easily spent a week. I did not plan well on our trip and we missed several of the more famous stops and trees along the way. If you go (which you should) be sure to drive the Avenue ofGiants (we missed this) and visit the Trees of Mystery (James wouldn’t stop because he said it was too “touristy”). We did the Prairie Creek/West Ridge hike in Prairie Creek State Park which I highly recommend. The Redwoods span from just north of San Francisco all the way up into southern Oregon. There are tons of State Parks and a National park to explore. Give yourself more time than we did!
Are you sold on the Redwoods now? You should be. It was the most one of the most remarkable places I have ever been.  

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween everyone! Linking up with the new mama Karli for Oh Hey Friday!!

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October 30, 2014

Ah, what the heck - ABOUT ME

Apparently it's About Me day over at the good ole #blogtober14 party! Remember that link up I sometimes have participated in? I failed miserably at the everyday account, but I blame vacation...

When I saw a bunch of my other fav bloggers doing "facts about me" posts, naturally I thought, what the heck, might as well...

Because what is easier than writing about yourself? Nothing really. Except maybe drinking mimosas.

So here are some rando facts about yours truly... sorry for the TMI in advance.

:: I have a peeing problem. A problem in that I need to go ALL THE TIME. I attribute it to being really hydrated all the time, but the BF thinks I have a condition or something. I rarely ever make it through a movie. I DID make two 4 hours stretches on our road trip though so personal record there.

:: Even though I "go" all the time I am the world's fastest pee-er. Really. Ask any one of my friends.

:: I love chocolate but don't like chocolate flavored things. Chocolate cake or ice cream? Nah, I'd rather have vanilla. If you put it in my face though I probably would still have a bite...or two... or ten.

:: My right hand pinky is dysfunctional. I cannot lift it up separately of the other fingers. So I can't do the "rock on" sign  or "I love you" symbol with that hand. When I played catcher it was an issue because I couldn't give correct pitching signs. Left hand is fine. 

:: My boyfriend and I went to rival colleges. Sometimes it's an issue.

:: I'm not a wine person. I spent almost a week in the Napa area and didn't stop at a single vineyard and only had one glass of wine, which I put Coke in. It's called a Kalimotxo and it's a real thing.

:: Last night I ran my face into a door. Not really a fact about me, but I felt with my fat lip this morning I needed to share.

:: I play frisbee with my dog every morning, and he is probably my favorite person in the world. Yes he's a person to me.

For more about this weirdo check out this post.

Tell me about you!!!? And then link up with  Helene and Taylor. K thanks, bye.

Helene in Between Blogtober

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October 29, 2014

Hallow’s Eve Confessions

Happy Halloween Week!!

This hasn’t been all that thrilling of a Halloween week really. I did get some decent pumpkins from the grocery store. They probably won’t get carved. I haven’t bought any kind of candy or made Halloween treats. I probably won't. Basically it has been an epic fail on the spirited end of things. I do plan to dress up and I did get Gunner the best costume ever last night, so there’s that.

But really, let me get to what you’re all here for – confessions. Here’s my spill for the week and I’m linking up with Kathy because, well, that’s “how we do!”

// I’m still not ready to do any kind of recap of my vacation. I’m just too overwhelmed. Do I break it into several posts? What do I highlight? What photos should I share? It’s too much for my post vacation brain to handle. It will happen, just not sure when. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe a month from now.

// The BF is traveling this weekend and I’m kind of excited about it. Now that we no longer have a roommate that means I truly have the weekend to myself, well myself and our pets. I can do whatever whenever and I’m pretty pumped. Plus, Halloween can be a free for all girls night for me – no worrying about a couple costume, or if the BF is going to dress up, or if he even wants to go out. I can just do my thing. The icing on the cake is eating. For some reason I get way more excited to meal plan just for myself than for the two of us. For sure going to eat a lot of his non-favorites while he’s gone and up the healthy value a bit!!!

// I’m going sexy for Halloween. I have NEVER really done the sexy thing for Halloween. Other than showing  a little cleavage I usually go more for easy/humorous for costumes. This year as part of my girls night Halloween Extravaganza I have convinced myself I need to at least try and meet the group theme/guidelines. To be honest I didn’t want to dress up at all, but now as it approaches I am getting more and more excited. Not so much for the corset or the fishnets, but I will suck it up ( or in, literally) in the name of an epic girls night!

Wrong holiday here, but you get the point...
//Last night, Gunner looked a little puffed up around his stomach and I was worried. I put a hand on either side of him to put some pressure on the bloat to see if something was wrong. And RRRIPPPP he let out a big ass fart as I pushed on his belly. It was hilarious. He’s fine. Damn dog.

WHAT WAS THAT?! Who tooted?
// Speaking of Gunner, on Sunday he had a play date and it ended up pouring rain on them as they played in the yard. He rolled around in grass and mud for two hours straight. Naturally he needed a bath that night. Instead of my usual put him in the shower move, I did it in our guest bath tub. Let’s just say by the end of it, EVERY INCH of that bathroom had been splattered in mud. Oh and then I didn’t clean it up. I just wiped up the floor with the towels and left it all there. Still there…

// Ted is an asshole. I honestly don’t think I have ever hated one of my own pets so much. He has ruined sleep for me ever since we got back. He also chewed threw the plastic wrap over banana bread I had and ate the corner of it.  AND he had an episode with the T-shirt I bought my dad as a souvenir. He tore a bunch of holes in it, the little bastard! Basically if I don’t drop kick him in the next week I’ll be surprised.

Look at that smug ass face as he curls up in my lap purring...
Ok well now it’s back to trying to do this real world crap. And figuring out the details for my costume.

What do you have going on this Halloween Week?!! Come confess. Or else it will haunt you! Mwuahahahahahahahaha

Vodka and Soda 
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October 27, 2014

I'm Baaaaaackkk!

Oh hey world, it's me, Laura.
You know, that girl who took off 10+ days ago for a wedding/vaca road trip and left you with a few random posts to keep you entertained?
Yeah that girl. The girl who really did zero blogging for 2 weeks and has over 1,000 unread on my Bloglovin feed? EEEEEK! So sorry I missed so much loves. I'll get semi caught-up this week (and by semi-caught up I mean read a few that catch my eye - sorry that's all you'll get).
Can I just go back to the beach please?
So here I am back at work. SSSTTTRRRUUGGLLING. Seriously when that alarm went off this morning I thought I might die. I have zero motivation to work or honestly to blog.
But I couldn't not check in with this world, because it has come to mean so much to me. 
So here's my manditory, "I'm alive and had a great trip" post. More details to come, I promise!
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October 22, 2014

Things That Tick Me Off

I'm back with more #blogtober14 for you! Today's prompt is pet peeves. Something I can easily discuss because I have a lot of them!

So while I'm in Bend, Oregon exploring 19+ breweries on my last full day of vacation, please enjoy the long list of things you can do to really tick me off:

+ Follow too closely in your car/ a.k.a. tailgate me.
+ Go through your ridiculous coupon stash at the register while 8 people wait behind you with their groceries.
+ Plan something with me and then bail at the last minute.
+ Show up late. Period.
+ Get done up to go to the gym. If you have a push up bra on, or did your make up just to be here, I hate you.
+ Not clean up your dog's poop at the dog park.
+ Speed up when I try and pass you.
+ Not use your blinker.
+ SnapChat me something completely uninteresting.
+ Text me after 10 PM. I have a bed time people.
+ Go through the express check out lane when you have more than 20 items.
+ Wear Uggs with a mini skirt or shorts.
+ Don't dress your kid appropriately for cold/hot temps.
+ Let your kid have a tantrum in a public place.
+ Wear leggings as pants. If your top/tunic/sweater isn't at least covering half your ass, leggings aren't appropriate.
+ Bike in the middle of the roa.d.
+ Keep your Christmas lights up past Valentine's Day
+ Put something on my sandwich/salad/burger I asked to have without (tomato).
+ Not accelerate to the full speed limit while on the acceleration ramp.
+ Pay for your groceries with food stamps (my tax $$) with freshly done acrylic manicured nails, the newest iPhone and a designer handbag (really, I've seen it).
+ Smoke at a public event.
+ Push your religion/political or beliefs on me.

Linking up with Taylor and Helene for Blogtober14!!!

Helene in Between Blogtober
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October 21, 2014

Bloody Mary's and Criminal Minds

Hello everyone! I'm somewhere experiencing the beauty of the west coast, most likely Crater Lake today! So, in my absence, I have someone AWESOME to keep you entertained.
Meet Lauren, from Genuinely Lauren!

Take it away girl!
1. Why did you start a blog and what is your blog about?
Well, I originally started this little space my junior year of college call Orange and Bows. And then I only posted like a few times and people made fun of me for writing about everything to everyone. So I stopped because school took over my life and started listening to the commentators. BIG mistake. I started back up when I moved to Florida with my husband, documenting all of the happenings in my new life with my super handsome husband. Also gave her a new name too! Felt it was necessary. You can find a little bit of everything in this space: my DIY projects for decorating our space, my attempts at trying to make a homemade meal, and our little adventures.


2. Besides blogging, what are some of your other hobbies? What can we find you doing on a Saturday night?
I love crafting! Love, love, love it. I need a room in my future home where I can create all of my crafts. I also love lounging by my pool reading too. The tan doesn't hurt. On Saturdays in our house we spend it on our super comfy couch watching college football. (Oh man, I wish I had the option to lay by the pool. Good thing college football watching is good in any climate!)

3. If you could only shop at one store the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Does Micheal's or Hobby Lobby count? Kidding! I would have to say Kohls. You can always find good, quality clothes at Kohls. And at a discount too! (Hobby Lobby gets me every time!)

4. You and I are on a blate (finally!) what is your drink of choice?
Yes! Super excited! I thought you would never ask :) haha. I would get a Bloody Mary. I love bloody mary's. And they have to be good ones too. (That's right - with BACON and lots of veggies, with a nice spicy kick!)


5. I'm an avid Harry Potter Fan (I'm watching The Prisoner of Azkaban as I write these questions) are you a FAN GIRL of anything?
Criminal Minds all the way. I heart Dr. Spencer Reid and Derek Morgan with all of my soul. And Chipotle too :) (We can definely agree on the Chipotle, crime shows, not so much...)

6. What advice would you have for a blogger who is just starting out?
Just to be yourself. Write as if you're talking to your best friend. Who knows, you just make a best bloggy friend while you're at it! (Yes, Laura I'm talking to you :) ). And while you're at it, don't care what other people are saying about you blogging! It's your space and you can write about whatever you're little heart pleases. (Aw what a sweetheart! Seriously making blog friends is the best, and I totally agree - your blog should be all you!)

7. What three words would you use to describe your blog?
Friendly, Funny (well, I think I am anyways), Photo heavy. I always use pictures and a lot of them. (I'll vouch for the funny, I love reading your blog and it's always good for a laugh or at least brightening my day!)
Isn't she awesome? A girl after my own heart with a Bloody Mary in hand! Be sure to  check out her blog and give her some love!
Genuinely Lauren on:

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October 20, 2014

My Biggest Fear

Hey y'all!

I'm still vacationing, so I'll be brief today. I'm somewhere exploring the Red Wood National Forest! 

Seriously, I cannot wait to share pictures with you when I get home.

Today I want to talk about what I fear. And as I said before I'm going to be brief, so we aren't going to talk about the deep, dark, serious fears like failure or being alone - that's too deep for vacation week.

Jellyfish. I'm scared shitless of jellyfish and I'll be honest, fish in general.

Give me spiders, snakes, bugs, lizards, all of the creepy crawlies, but don't put me in a pool with fish or jellyfish. I want none of that.

I was stung once while snorkeling. Nothing major, but it instilled a fear in me. I don't want anything that swims in the ocean or lake to touch me. Or any plant for that matter. Deep dark water?Uh H- to the -ell no! The jellyfish scene in Finding Nemo seriously gives me anxiety.

I'm a surface skimmer through and through. Fish/seaweed/eels/jellies stay down there and I'll mind my own business up here. 

Linking up for #blogtober14 and thankful for the prompts while I am gone! Go check in with Helene and Taylor would ya?

Helene in Between Blogtober

Happy Monday!

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October 18, 2014


Today I am celebrating one of my best friends in the world as she marries the love of her life.

It's Hillary's wedding day and I couldn't be more thrilled to spend it next to her as a bridesmaid.

I don't know what I would do without my Llama, Hillybean, Hillama. She's one of a kind and I love her more than words can say.

She is the llama to my duck (inside joke, does anyone else remember llama llama duck?), the cheese to my mac, my date to formal and my favorite roommate. No matter how long we are apart or go without talking, we pick right back up with being best friends.

I am so excited to be with her today as she ties the knot!

To see pictures of the wedding and my trip make sure to follow me on Instagram!

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