October 14, 2013

Fall Weekend Re-Cap!

Hello everyone!

I know I have been a MAJOR stranger lately. Sorry, I’ve been super busy. AND my laptop is still technically “James’” laptop since it has his hard drive in it…

I have been up to a new thing that has been keeping me busy, involving detox, boot camp and lots of healthy food. But a post to come later on that…

Today I want to do a recap of me AWESOME FALL WEEKEND!!!

Tiny preview - Gunner at  Linder Farms

Friday night we went over to my friend Jena’s house for fall game night. I was a little worried about going because I was doing my detox (more to come on that later) so I couldn’t eat all the yummy treats, which would be tough. However, I had James try everything for me… and he seemed to like that :)

I steered clear of the food otherwise and we got down to gaming! It was fun to hang out with some people we don’t always get to see – both couples and singles alike, which is a nice dynamic. We played my FAVORITE game Cards Against Humanity. If you don’t have it, get it. It is like Apples to Apples but X rated. It is even more fun if you add a pumpkin beer or two!

Cards Against Humanity was a little tough with so many people (I think we had around 15), so we switched it up to Taboo. Another good one! I do have to say, I’m kind of the champion guesser. And I have trouble not guessing when it’s the other team’s turn… oops!

Saturday I got up early and hit the Saturday Market with my Mom. It was a beeeaaautiful fall morning and I really enjoyed seeing all the fall veggies and bundled up families down there. We got a few gifts, some Gladiolas and a few pumpkins while we were there, and then went on to the main task of the morning—fall bulbs for my yard!

I was excited to have my mom’s help for this because she is a top notch gardener. Her yard always looks spectacular and I hope one day I can do the same. So we ran around to a couple places getting bulbs and checking out the fall florals. I couldn’t resist a few Mums while we were out too. I just love fall color!

One of our stops was Edwards Green House out in the NW end of Boise. If you like flowers, you will LOVE Edwards and need to go ASAP!

While we were there my mom showed me around a bit. One of my favorite parts (besides the gorg flowers and bulbs we got) was the Poinsettia green house. The have THOUSANDS of Poinsettia plants off all sizes sitting warm and cozy in there green house just waiting for Christmas. It gave me the warm fuzzies to see them and imagine when they turn their pretty reds and pinks!
All the baby Poinsettias!
After all my errands with Mom, I headed home only to have company almost right away. Our friends Waco and Alyssa were dog sitting this weekend and brought over Cru to play with Gunner, and for us all to head to the PUMPKIN PATCH!

We let the dogs get acquainted and play a little and then we headed out to Linder Farms.
Now, I had NO IDEA it was as big a deal as it is. I haven’t seen that many people in one place since the Fair! Rides and food and screaming children galore… But this was the only pumpkin patch that allowed dogs, so we decided to go for it.

The pups did so good on the hayride over.
Gunner on the hayride. He made friends with that little boy on the way too :)

Then was pumpkin picking time!!!!!

look at this majestic shot I got of Waco and Cru!

Gunner and Cru

Waco and Alyssa like the green ones

Gunner was absolutely exhausted after this little excursion.
snoozin in the back seat on the way home

Then we went home and the dogs played all night while we had dinner, watched football and enjoyed a little more Cards Against Humanity with Waco and Alyssa.

Oh man – I feel like that is enough for now. I’ll have to share my little tidbits of Sunday tomorrow :)

TTFN Friends!


  1. so many cute pictures! what a fun little weekend you had :)