November 18, 2013

Bulletin Board Makeover - and Weekend Recap!

Hi Lovelies -
I know I have been slacking lately on the posts. Starting the new job with a commute that is more than double has thrown me off my game a little.

This weekend was great. We went out for my friend Abbie's birthday on Friday night, had some beers at the Pray for Snow Party at Ten Barrel Brewing and a yummy dinner at Old Chicago. It was just enough to be a "fun night out" even though we were old and went home to bed after that.

The Pray for Snow Party must have worked because Saturday morning we woke up to snow!

Gunner's first time seeing snow!
I blame it on snow weather, but Saturday we were completely lazy. The only times I got off the couch were to take the dog for a walk and to go get take out for dinner. I know it sounds terrible - but looking back, it was sort of awesome. You need those days now and then!

Gunner likes couch days
 Sunday morning I did brunch with the girls. Then it was time to get to work!

I raked the whole back yard by myself (a big accomplishment in my mind). I still called an begged my dad to come help me bag them though. Slight set back. But now that I know the "tricks" via my dad, I will be ready for next year!

Gunner liked the raking leaves thing.
Very helpful, laying and rolling in the raked piles

Then I started on my little craft project for the week.

Bulletin Board Makeover!

Started with a boring, old bulletin board. I didn't want to damage the board itself (it belongs to my work) so I only used upholstery tacks and staples.

You will need:

  • 1 bulletin board (mine was 24"x36") FREE
  • 3 packs of decorative nails, any color you want, I used black - $1.99 a pack
  • A yard+ of burlap, depending on your board size - cost me $4
Glimpse of the board pre-update

These are the nail packs only $1.99 each for 24

And some burlap. They have some cute printed stuff now, but I went with the classic.

 If you are smarter than me, center your board on the burlap (I didn't really get mine center).

Begin by tacking one corner in place. You want the tack to sit INSIDE the frame, NOT angled. This will make the frame pop more.
Work your way around the frame, using an item (ruler or something similar) to space your tacks. I used a tag I had laying around - it was about an inch accross.
Make sure to keep the burlap flat and taught across the board.
It should look something like this when you get the tacks in
Then flip over the board, trim excess burlap (you will want at least 4 inches around the edge) and start stapling! Pull the burlap tight on one of the long sides of your board. I started in the corners, then did the center, and then added more as needed.
I had to work around the hangers on my board
Once you have the two long sides stapled, you realize you have to do the corners before you do the rest. Just go about it like you would a present. Folding in the corners, secure with staples (or tacks).
A little blurry but you get the idea.

In a couple places I used my extra tacks to supplement the staples.
Then vioala! you have a new bulletin board!
If you can get the crease out with an iron before hand I recommend it :)
Here it is hung in my office. I think it is the perfect mix of style and country for my County Fair job!

Hope you enjoyed the little tutorial. If you make your own let me know how it goes!

TTFN Friends!


  1. Great project- I have the same Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful sign in my house as well!