December 27, 2013

Christmas Traditions - the Re-Cap!

Hello friends! I hope you had a beyond amazing Christmas! Mine sure was!

We have lots of traditions in my family. Do you have traditions?

Each Christmas Eve we drive out to Emmett to my Aunt Janie’s house to celebrate with my family. I have not missed a Christmas Eve at Janie’s in my entire life – now that is quite a tradition! We always have soups for dinner on that night, chili, clam chowder or minestrone. Those are preceded by lots of snacking on all sorts of yummy appetizers. Usually I can barely finish a bowl of soup by the time we get around to that.

Another Christmas Eve tradition is that Santa always makes a special stop at Aunt Janie’s on his way around the world. I used to sit patiently at the window and look for Rudolph’s nose glowing in the distance and listen for sleigh bells. These days, I instead get to see that excitement and joy in my little cousins. Santa has changed a little over the years too – he is a tradition passed down through the men in my family and the past few years it has been my dad. I can barely control my laughter when he arrives, trying to mask his voice and mannerisms. He really does do a good job though!
My sister Lise and I sitting on "Santa's" aka Dad's lap

Christmas Day is always spent at my parents’ house. This year was the first year I didn’t spend the night there. I wanted to wake up in my own house with James and Gunner for Christmas. However, I did rush over to my parents’ place the second I got up (James had left to work by then).

We always start with our stockings, followed by a beverage of choice. This year we opted for bloody maries. Yummmmm.

Next are the presents under the tree. Every year I am beyond spoiled by my parents – I admit it. Spoiled rotten.  But this year some of my main gifts were “needs” not “wants” as I like to say. You know you are starting to be a grown up when you get excited about a new snow shovel and a vacuum cleaner. But hey I’m thrilled!

After all the gifts are unwrapped and we say our thank yous and exchange hugs, it’s time for breakfast. Each year my mom makes quiche, my all-time favorite breakfast. It is special because we only get it at Christmas.
This is actually the quiche I made for James and I the day after Christmas. Turned out pretty good I think!

Then I spend the day lounging around the house with my family enjoying our gifts and time with each other. This year we had a new addition. Gunner loves to spend time at “Grandma and Grandpa’s” with his best friend Bailey. We all had a great day.

So handsome

This year however, I added in a few new traditions – mostly involving the man in my life :)
After doing Christmas dinner later that night with his family we headed home to exchange presents. 

He had been at work all day and hadn’t gotten to open anything yet.
I was finally able to SURPRISE him this year with an Xbox One. He was like a kid  - couldn’t wait to set it up and play with it!

Overall it was an absolutely WONDERFUL Christmas. I am so blessed for everything and everyone in my life. Here’s to happy New Year as well!!


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