December 23, 2013

Holiday Weekend Re-cap

Hello Lovelies -

I had a WONDERFUL weekend and I hope you did too!

Friday night I left work a little early as the snowpocalypse had begun out in Caldwell. I am so glad I left early because driving around later that night was the scariest freaking roads I have ever been on, and that includes places like McCall and Moscow.

The snow couldn't keep me from my Jessie bear's birthday dinner though. Left an extra 20 minutes early to make sure to arrive there safe. I enjoyed the dinner so much, catching up with her and her family and laughing until my gut hurt.

Me, Jessie and Carissa at dinner -some of my favs!
Dessert time!

Just a note - if you are one of those crazy people who drive fast and carelessly while there is a ton of snow on the ground. I HATE YOU. BE MORE COURTEOUS TO THOSE OF US WHO WANT TO LIVE. Seriously - I drive like a granny in the snow and I am proud of it.

Gunner of course did like the snow and we made sure to play in it a little.

James was out of town this weekend - something sadly I was looking forward to. Saturday was an entire ME DAY. So fabulous. I slept in, did laundry, watched the entire contents of the DVR, and only left the house to take Gunner to the dog park and rent a movie. It was perfect.

Gunner always takes advantage of the clean sheets and made bed first.

Freshly made bed - the first one on it... always
Gunner on the couch during our lazy day
Plus I did my nails for Christmas too! My toes are different holiday sparkles too - but they are too toasty in my boots to show off.
Sparkle French Manicure Christmas style!

Sunday I went to brunch at Hillcrest Country Club with my family. It is one of my favorite things to go do with my family...and the champagne, waffles and Eggs Benedict don't hurt either.
Impromptu family photo

Then I grabbed Gunner and we went over to my to my parents to play with Bailey while I helped my mom and sister decorate Christmas cookies. I wish I had documented this - it was kind of a struggle for me. At one point the entire tube of chocolate piping frosting EXPLODED all over me. I mean, I am still finding chocolate in places... 

James got home from Sun Valley and we went to dinner with his parents and sister that night at Yen Ching, our favorite Chinese restaurant in Boise. It was a perfect ending to a great weekend!

Now it's only hours until Christmas.... I can't believe it!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


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