January 22, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This post should probably be titled "WHO I'm loving Wednesday" instead.

Today I am loving that yesterday marked the three year anniversary of James' and my first date.

I can't believe it was three whole years ago that I strolled up to him in front of Bardenay to meet for drinks. I remember thinking "wow!" 

House divided!
We proceeded to have to go from place to place down town to finally find somewhere with space for us. Ending up at (the not so classy) Fatty's seemed not ideal at the time but must have worked for us :)

For those of you who do not know, I met James online. Our first date was a blind date, other than photos on the online dating site.

I want to share this because I think a lot of people still have their doubts about online dating. However, we are yet another success story from putting yourself out there - even if it may be online. If you have been thinking about it, I encourage you to go for it. What is there to lose?!

I know I have three happy years to show for it! I am excited to celebrate the three year mark later this week with a nice dinner at our favorite spot, Kyoto!

So this week, as always, I am loving James. Oh and our favorite dog-child Gunner.

PS - if you have any questions about my online dating experience I would be happy to share! Leave me a comment or find me on Facebook.

TTFN Friends!
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