March 11, 2014

Get 'er Done

It's a crazy week for me. Part of a crazy month I am afraid.
What I am more afraid of is what happens when my life gets crazy - and that is less things get done that need to be, specifically in the housework category. (Oh the joys of being a homeowner...)
I am horrible at following through. There I said it. This goes for any pre-set plans to get things done. I think about them and make a mental note to do them, but actually following through? Rare. 
Add in a busy week/month/life and the probability of them actually happening goes even farther down.
So I thought of a solution. What if I write them down? And not only write them down but blog them? Publicly announcing to the world "I will do these things." That should work right?
Alright, here goes nothing. This is the list of thing I need to get done this week:
  1. Clean the master bathroom - sinks, shower, floors
  2. Clean the kitchen and living room - wipe down all surfaces, vacuum, mop floors
  3. Clean up the yard - take care of Gunner's little "treats" in the yard
  4. Pull weeds and ready my flower beds
  5. Laundry - wash sheets/bed spread, and all clothing laundry needing to be done
  6. Organize/pick up my closet
  7. Go to the gym at least one weekend day
  8. Put together lunches for next week on Sunday
 Alright that is 8 things. My goal is to do AT LEAST 6. Challenge accepted, thanks for being my imaginary web-based motivation!

Also - super excited to see Lady Antebellum tomorrow night with Kasey Musgraves and Kip Moore!

I will do a post about the concert and a recap of what I get done later this week!

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