March 21, 2014

Road Rage Friday

TGIF Friends!

So, I have a commute... or at least it's a commute compared to what used to be a 12-15 minute drive.
I drive 25 miles each way to work, about a 30+ minute drive each way. (I know, I know, that is nothing compared to big cities, but here in Idaho, that's a long drive.)

A majority of that drive is free-way. Thank goodness. However, you would be surprised at how annoying free-way driving can be. Even in a place like the Treasure Valley. (Yes I know again, it's not LA, so I shouldn't be complaining, but I can't help it.)

Every day (mostly on the drive home) someone finds a way to really piss tick me off. Resulting in ROAD RAGE. Serious road rage. 

I am very tempted to make signs to communicate to these people. And here is what they would be:

The far outside lane is the FAST LANE people. If you are not going to go AT LEAST 5 mph over the speed limit GET OUT! And, if you notice someone behind you who would like to go faster than you (like me) do the decent thing and get over for a minute so they can go by. It's not rocket science.

Then you have the people that are in the fast-lane, going fast...and then not so fast, and then fast... and so on. This is the free-way. There are no stops, no changes in speed limit, just open road. So please. PICK A SPEED!
The best way to alleviate the inconsistent speed issue? One of the best inventions in the world, cruise control. I am a firm believer that if you have more than 5 or so miles of free-way to drive that setting your cruise control is the way to go. Not only is it easier for you as a driver, it is more considerate to those around you, so they don't have to deal with your nonsense up and down speeds. I use it EVERY DAY for my commute both ways. TRY IT YOU WILL LIKE IT!!!

So there is my 5 minute rant. Do you have road rage issues? How do you deal?

P.S. headed to Chicago tomorrow for the IEG Conference. So excited!

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