May 12, 2014

3 things from the weekend

I've decided as a "blogger" I definitely don't photographically document enough in my life. AND since it's no fun to go on and on about my weekend without photos to go with, I'll keep it short and simple.
Here are 3 things from this weekend that are noteworthy (a.k.a. were photographed):
Sorry if you follow on Instagram you've seen it all...
1. Kitty(Ted) loves James. Hands down, if it comes to choosing a lap to lay on in the living room, it's going to be him. For some reason in the bed that changes and it's all me. The thing is, it's just so darn cute when he snuggles with James!
2. If you love flowers like I do, Trader Joe's is your best friend. TJ's is new to Boise, so I don't have a ton of experience with it. The first time I stopped in was a Saturday morning with my friend Whitney and I noticed the AH-MAZING flower section and even more amazing prices. The next time I stopped in for more flowers on a Sunday afternoon it was crap and a half selection. Lesson learned. Go in the morning. So this Saturday morning I went and got 3 gorgeous bunches. Really people you can get their LARGEST bunch (which are out of this world quality and last a week) for only $9.99. Did everyone who already have a TJ's know this amazing deal/find already?
3. Hell or High Watermelon beer. Yes, WATERMELON beer. It's good. Not sweet like some other fruity beers - just crisp. You can taste the watermelon. Plus the bonus of buying a canned beer at the Taphouse is you get a free koozie. Awesome.
So there's a mini wrap up of my weekend. I left out two Mothers' Day breakfasts, girls night (with the watermelon beer) and some house case you were wondering.
TTFN Friends! Hope you had a wonderful Mom's Day weekend!post signature


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