May 27, 2014

$7 DIY Patriotic Wreath

Hey friends! Sorry I was MIA for the long weekend, but it is what it is.

I did do a pretty awesome little project I wanted to share with you. It's perfect to hang on your door for Memorial Day AND Fourth of July which will be here before we know it!

The best part of this little project? It cost me $7.
Here's what you'll need:
  • pool noodle (dollar store!)
  • 6 fabric quarters (2 of each, red, white and blue, patterns of your choice they were less than $.99 each)
  • duct tape 
  • scissors (if you have Pinking Shears that would be best)
Step 1: Assemble your materials
Step 2: Create wreath shape by duct taping the ends of the pool noodle together
Step 3: Cut your fabric quarters into 1" wide strips - about 12 long (I just cut from the fold)
Step 4: Start tying on your fabric! I chose to have the blue separate like a real flag, but it would be just as cute if they were all mixed in. I tied each strip in a double knot around the noodle.
Kitty was lots of help.
 He made sure to examine my work.
 I did the red and white alternating 2 red strips, then 2 white strips and so on.
 Step 5: Hang up your masterpiece!
Mine will be up from now through the 4th of July. I think it might need a burlap bow, or a star or something a little extra. But I'm pretty happy with the finished product!

I hope you had a beyond wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! 

PS - something big is happening this week. Can't wait to share!

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