May 14, 2014

Times are changing in Idaho

Something really BIG happened for Idaho yesterday.
Something so big that I am going to forgo the usual WILW post (gasp) to talk about it.
Yesterday afternoon a federal judge ruled Idaho's ban on gay marriage unconstitutional. 

In case you didn't know  - Idaho is probably THE MOST conservative state you can imagine. A perfect example of this is that our Governor plans to appeal this ruling - yeah he's that against it.
You can read the full news story here on our local news site KTVB.
But this is a huge deal for more reasons other than the fact our state is so Republican, yet will have gay marriage. This ruling is a huge deal to the the thousands of Idaho couples who should (after the ban is lifted Friday) be able to legally marry the person they love, despite their sexual preference.

I can't express how happy this makes me. Love is love. It doesn't see color, religion or sexual preference. And those who are in love, should be able to pledge themselves to a life together, just like any other heterosexual couple. 
If you have different beliefs, please don't take offense to this. It is my opinion and I am not trying to start a fight. I just feel that for the first time in a long time (though Federally mandated) my state is finally heading in the right direction. 
Photo from the Idaho Statesman. A group of same sex marriage supporters gathered on the steps of the Idaho State Capitol in Boise

Read more here:
No, I am not gay myself, and I don't even have close gay friends. But I know enough people who are and I know this is a life changer for them. I'm not saying this will solve all of Idaho's problems with homophobia and some of the horrible verbal and even physical abuse that some homosexuals may still face in our very red state. I just hope that it is the first step in correcting that discrimination.

So here's to sharing and supporting all different kinds of love today!

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