May 7, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Thank God it's Hump Day. I feel like this week could not get any longer if it tried.

The weather has gone from blissful and sunny to windy and nasty and all it makes me want to do is curl in a ball in my bed and not move. But life must go on. I still have to get up and get dressed and go to work. The agony. The sore legs from leg day yesterday aren't helping.

But enough blabbering, here's what I'm loving this week!

1. Salad in a jar. Yes, that thing you've see on Pinterest a thousand times. I finally tried it, and I am hooked! Part of my delay in giving it a go was finding mason jars. They come like 10-12 to a pack for the large ones at the grocery store and I don't need 10, well maybe now that I am obsessed with this I do, but to try it I didn't. Enter Savers. Thank you thrift store $.49 jars, and the ability to buy just 3 to try out this new way of salading...

Here are my beautiful first set of salads in jars. Check out the fixins in yesterday's post.

Taco salads in jars. Nom!

 And here is a little info graphic if you want to try it yourself.
Also check out this post by Back to Her Roots for some great ideas!

2. While we're on the Thrift Store note, I'm pretty exited about this $1.99 trucker hat I found with original tags still on it. I'd have to pay $20 to buy this at the Vandal Store, but now I can sport my Idaho pride for pennys! It's my new go-to for wearing to the dog park, running errands and keeping the sweat sun out of my eyes on my runs.

New hat selfie

3. My irises are blooming in my front yard. I feel like I have a "something's blooming" part of every WILW, but hey, it makes me happy OK? These also originated in my grandmother's yard, like my lilac, so they are very special! PLUS the fleur de lis(iris) is the symbol of my sorority so I'm repping Kappa too!

I just love the colors in theses - the light purple, yellow and deep purple all in one!
4. Pretty excited about Mother's Day on Sunday. We do a big family brunch every year, plus I love celebrating this amazing lady! 
Throw back to high school graduation!

What are you loving this week?!

TTFN Friends!
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