June 24, 2014

Curses and Lessons

Last night I played grass volleyball. Typically the court boundaries are ropes, with little pins that hold them down, but one court had the nerve to have HUGE METAL STAKES to keep the corners in place.

Can you guess where I'm going with this? I landed the arch of my right foot square on the head of one of those bad boys and YOWZA! But I didn't say yowza... I of course had all sorts of creative curses flying.

Then it got me to thinking of the curses and phrases I use so often, and where I got them from.
I can peg almost every single one on my parents. Here are some of my favorites, let's start with the curses (Mom):

:// "Fuck a duck"

:// "Shucks" (my go to in high school as I wouldn't get in trouble for this one)

:// "Shit fit"

:// "Damn it all to hell"

:// "Hell hole"

:// "No worries" (my Mom did a 3 week stint in Australia and came back with this catch phrase)

Then you have the good natured lessons I learned from my Dad:

:// "Age and treachery overcome youth and skill"

:// "You can't fight fire with fire"

:// "Don't play with fire if you don't want to get burned"

:// "Practice makes perfect"

:// "Don't tell Mom"

Obviously it was more of my mom's influence that I was spewing last night, and even this morning as I gingerly walk around on it. Poor fucking foot...

Ok there's my random ass Tuesday post for you. 

Do you have things you catch yourself saying that came directly from your parents?

TTFN - See ya tomorrow for confessions!
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  1. Bahahah... "fuck a duck" needs to be in my rotation!

    1. Right? At least its a funny way of cussing...Every time my mom says it I crack up - heck every time I catch myself saying it I crack up!

  2. I say "no worries" all the time. I had no idea it was an Australian thing. I think of it as more of a Lion King thing :)

    1. You're right - totally a Lion King thing too! I guess it was just waaaayyy more noticeable once she came back from Australia so that's what I pinned it on.

  3. Where I'm from if someone says 'Thank You', you reply with 'No Worries'. Don't ask me why we do that instead of just saying 'You're Welcome'