July 9, 2014

11 things I learned on my trip to Montana

Hello again! I know I have been away from this space for quite a while – partially because I was on my trip and partially because I have been too lazy to do a post on it since I’ve been back. Don’t worry, I didn’t get eaten by a bear in Glacier National Park.

Glacier National Park

Instead of just doing a picture dump on you, I thought I’d add some words of wisdom. I learned a lot on this trip, and if you every visit Montana (which you should!), you’ll want to know most of these things.

What I learned on my trip to Montana:

1.       PICTURES DO NOT DO IT JUSTICE. This is number one for a reason. I have never been anywhere more breathtaking and although I took tons of pictures, not a single one captures the awe inspiring sights I took in. Imagine all the mountains in my photos as HUMONGOUS – towering, majestic and jaw dropping. The pictures just don’t quite do that.

Glacier National Park
2.       When on a long summer road trip be sure to have cut up watermelon to hand feed to your driver. Quote Wedding Crashers, “Ma! The meatloaf melon” and have him squawk “Ma!” each time he wants another piece placed in his mouth. Enjoy the belly hurting hysterical laughter that ensues.

My driver and watermelon muncher
3.       ALWAYS celebrate the 4th of July on and Indian Reservation (no I’m not being ignorant they actually call it the “Indian” reservation despite the technicality of it actually being “Native Americans”). Why? There are no restrictions on fireworks. And I mean none. Therefore the cabin next to you can shoot off mortars (the really big ones that normally a city would shoot off) and they can explode right above your deck. It was the most frightening and awesome thing I have ever experienced. I had a pyro boner.


4.       Make sure above Reservation/celebration spot is on a lake. Specifically Flathead Lake – and take in an amazing sunset.

Flathead Lake, Montana

5.       When going to a National Park, get there early to beat the crowds.

Big Horn Sheep
Big Horn Sheep traffic jam

6.       Also make sure your BF wears a “Back to Back World War Champs” bro tank so that tourists ask him to be in their pictures – hilarious. (Not sure if they’re more impressed by the tank or his size or both?)

7.       Be prepared for 90 degree temps and 6 foot snow all in one day.

Snow at Glacier National Park in July

8.       When you twist your ankle badly on the first hike of your trip, get yourself some straws and suck it up. No one likes a cry baby and you can ice it later (though I think that made it worse). Don’t worry, being on it all day the rest of the trip is grrrrreeeaaat for it. Thank you ibuprofen.

9.       Bug spray does not always work. Three thick coatings of it in one outing may still not be effective, resulting in 29 bites on just one thigh. Multiply that by my other appendages and it isn’t pretty – I look like a Leper.

Glacier National Park
Thick woods mean thick bugs. This is the trail we did our 8 mile hike on Sunday.

10.   Sing Disney songs at the top of your lungs to ward off bears.

11.   GO TO MONTANA and then go again. I can’t put into words how amazing it is – it truly is the crown of our continent. Sorry Midwestern/Eastern going friends, but your mountains are just ant hills in comparison. So hit me up and I’ll meet you in Montana!

Bowman Lake

Glacier National Park Panorama
Diving board jumper

I’ll go into more detail on the trip at a later time. This post really doesn’t do it justice (see above).

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Brittney! I'll have to share all my other photos soon so you can see even more.

  2. Montana looks beautiful and this trip looks like so much fun! Or maybe a blast, minus those bug bites! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip :)

    1. Thanks - and I'll get right on sharing the rest (if I can find time because work is NUTS) and so you can see more photos!

  3. Replies
    1. I wish I could have captured just how stunning it really was! Only so much my phone camera can do, but I'm glad you can tell! :)

  4. Wedding Crashers is hilarious! Always quote that!

  5. I went to Montana with my Granny the summer before I graduated college and it was gorgeous. ANDDDD it snowed in June. Obviously, I need to live there.

    1. Both the BF and I serious discussed moving there while we were on the trip. I would just love to wake up to that beauty everyday! Although I'd like to live there minus all the snow!

  6. Replies
    1. You totally should Nat! I'll trade you a trip to South Africa for a trip here to see it!

  7. Your pictures are amazing! I always, always get eaten alive by the bigs no matter what I do. I definitely feel your pain!

  8. bug spray doesn't work; neither does wearing layers because those bitches will bite through anyway. i went on my usual trail run, wore 2 layers and sprayed the shit out of myself with bug spray and i STILL got eaten alive, wtf.

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  9. Wow... what beautiful pictures!!! Looks like an amazing vacay!! Bug spray never works for me either, they always eat me alive!!!