August 22, 2014


We have all heard the question -

"If you were stranded on a deserted island what would you take with you?"

It is a question I don't think I have ever really asked myself though, at least not until I was contacted by Man Crates a couple weeks ago.

If you haven't heard about Man Crates, you better go check it out. They are the go-to Man-Gift site and have something tailored to every kind of guy. I wish I had known about Man Crates for Christmas last year. Because most of us know, the men in our lives are difficult to shop for!

So they posed this challenge:

 If I had a "crate" of the things I could not live without if stranded somewhere - anywhere - what would those things be?
  1. My Galaxy s5 - I am new to the Andriod world as of June, but I can say without a doubt, I'd want my phone (and a charger/plug in and service of course) wherever I got stranded. These days our phones are our connection to the world, literally. Our social sites, email, music, videos and photos of all our memories are on that little device. It's safe to say I couldn't do without it.
  2. My Dog Gunner- Because look at him - how can you resist that face? I honestly would prefer his company over pretty much any human. He can make me smile in the worst of times, is always by my side, and that nose of his could probably sniff us out some grub. He also would provide hours of entertainment providing I had something for him to retrieve. I'm assuming there are sticks on my desert island?
  3. ChapStick - I am an admitted chapstick-aholic. I apply easily close to once an hour. I hate dry lips. So in my survival crate I would need a year's supply of chapstick, preferable ChapStick Candy Cane or Cake Batter or my first love, Strawberry Carmex.
  4. Chips & Salsa - I thought long and hard on what kind of food I could eat forever. Hands down it would be chips and salsa. I would bring all the chips and salsa I could eat in my survival crate, preferably Chili's chips and salsa - because it's the best!
  5. A Beverage Container - I am that person that ALWAYS has water or something to drink with me. I would need a water bottle or drink container, like my cute ball mason jar glass, so that I could stay hydrated during my time of desertion. If it could automatically re-fill itself with water, or another tasty beverage that would be ideal.
So there are my 5 MUST HAVES if I was stranded somewhere.

Tell me, what would you bring with you?!

Check out Man Crates: | Facebook | Twitter

Happy Friday! Linking up my 5 things with Karli at September Farm

Have a wonderful weekend friends!
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  1. I'm always toting my mason jar tumblers, too! Bummer they don't fit in my car cup holders!

  2. Is it bad that eye liner would be one?? Cuz... Yeah. Also my Nook.

  3. Chips and salsa absolutely! I'm lucky my husband doesn't like salsa so I can hoard it all to myself #noregrets

  4. Chips & Salsa most def. can we add some queso to that party? my dog would also make the list even though she is dramatic and needy.

  5. I would have to have my Clinique moisturizer! And a toothbrush!

  6. Yummm chips and salsa!! I always have a water bottle with me too, I am always thirsty!