September 2, 2014

Labor Day Lovin'

I had a beyond amazing Labor Day weekend.

It included:
  • A good friend's going away party
  • A grass volleyball tournament
  • Watching 2 college volleyball games
  • A BBQ (duh)
  • Arranging flowers
  • A girls night/nail painting at my house
  • A hot air balloon festival
  • Golf with my parents
  • Lunch with friends I hadn't seen in a while
  • A glorious 2 hour nap
  • Dinner at home with my folks
  • Sleeping in one morning
  • A personal home-made bacon frittata 
  • Watching 3 movies
  • Cleaning my house
  • Swimming at the hot springs with all my little cousins
  • Grocery shopping
  • Cuddle time with my favorite fur-babies.

It was so jam-packed, and yet the perfect mix of relaxation. I could have used maybe one more day...

Here's a snapshot.
We took 8th overall

They are prettier in person, I promise

The boys saying goodbye after girls night

Lift off!

I got it from my mama!

This is where Ted was during that awesome nap

These guys kept me company while I watched Divergent

Bacon Feta Fritatta
mmmmm... frittata

My little cousin jumping in the pool

How was your long weekend? 
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  1. That looks like a great weekend!!! Those balloons... gorgeous!!

  2. That hot balloon festival looks so much fun! I bet it was pretty!

  3. Daaaaaang! Sounds freaking perfect! Also, the furkids saying goodbye after girls night is adorable! My "kids" do the same and it slays me every time!

  4. Yum Frittata! The balloon thing looks like so much fun! It sounds like you had a truly amazing holiday weekend!

  5. Sounds like a fantastic long weekend to say goodbye to summer! I've never had a frittata but it looks interesting.