September 4, 2014

If You Knew Me in High School | A Link Up

Believe in the Sparks

When I saw this link up from Morgan and Libby I knew I had to participate. 1) Because I miss high school me on a daily basis and 2) because I want to creep learn all about what other bloggers were like in high school.

I've already done a post about high school me, and how much I wish she would come to the present and kick my ass... so you might know some of these things already.

But, if you knew me in high school you would know... 

~ that I was a two sport varsity athlete, volleyball and softball
~ that I was a starter my freshman year in softball and we won districts all 4 years I played 

~ that I was a goody-good so I wouldn't get in trouble and not get to play in my sports
~ that I had two groups of friends that only rarely intermixed (when they did it was because of me)
~ that I loved to write and pass notes with my girlfriends
~ that I didn't really know how to wear makeup or how to dress
~ that I dated down....way down now that I look back

~ that I was on student council my senior year (by teacher selection because I was never popular enough to get elected)
~ that through student council I MC'd pep rallies, planned and decorated for homecoming and ran our annual blood drive.

~ that I was very self conscious, way more so than I am now
~ that I drove a maroon Mitsubishi Galant
~ that I drove to school even though I lived only a 1/4 mile away
~ that my friends and I went to my house every day for lunch because we had open campus
~ that I was really into working out on top of practicing sports

~ that I was a brown-nosing teachers pet, and I didn't care
~ that I was Spanish 2 student of the year
~ that I was AP Economics student of the year
~ that I was nominated in the top 10 graduating seniors and was on the ballot for graduation speaker
~ that I was one of the top 100 seniors that graduated in my city
~ that I loved Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings (and I still do)
~ that I worked at TCBY  

~ that my friends called me "mom" because I took care of them and kept them on time
~ that I was more popular/pretty/well known than I thought I was
~ that I was never one to stand up for myself or make waves (good thing that has changed)

How in the world did I do it all? Can I go back to being so perfect? Now I feel like my life is cluster  f*ck and I barely have time to hit the gym or see friends...It sucks to get old, fat and less active.

So tell me, what would I know about you, if I knew you in high school?

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  1. I love it! Thanks so much for linking up!
    My friends called me "mom" in high school as well. I was always the responsible one of the group. haha

  2. Loved reading all about the high school you! You're still as fabulous now as you were in high school :)

  3. This linkup is so awesome! I am sad I missed out! Loved learning about you in HS! You sporty smart thing!!