October 17, 2014

I'm an expert

Well hello there! Checking in from Occidental, CA where we are prepping for the rehearsal dinner! I can't wait to be a part of Hill's big day tomorrow! Please excuse me keeping things short and sweet while I'm out...

Do you have anything that you know in and out? That you feel you are clearly an expert at?

I thought long and hard about this, and really, there are very few things I claim to be an expert at.

That being said - there are a few things I am VERY good at. Or maybe I should rephrase, that I feel I am very good at/know a lot about.

So if you are looking for an expert on the following, I'm your gal:

  1. Fast pitch softball (how to play not college teams/stats)
  2. Volleyball (same as above)
  3. Drinking beer
  4. Getting around Boise/Things to do in Boise
  5. Making the perfect PB&J
Showcasing my expertise circa 2005 State Champs! Woot woot!

 What can I call on you for if I need expert advice?

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  1. Hope you have fun in California! Ha if you need someone whose good with Whiskey/Scotch, holler at me. Have a great one Laura! -Iva

  2. Love that drinking beer is on your list! I should've put being an expert at beer pong on mine - now I'm mad that I didn't think of it! haha

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