November 5, 2014

Let’s Talk Politics

Blog no-no right? Well too bad, I’m going there. If you are easily politically upset, stop reading now.

I’ve never really felt the push and pull of politics or elections until I started working for the government (at a county level).  It’s funny how that can shove you out of your ignorant bliss and force you to pay attention.

The crazy part is that I don’t live in the county I work in, so I can’t even vote on the Commissioners who are technically my boss’s boss. Those Commissioners have the final say over our budget, and our entire event (Fair), so who is in that seat has a major effect on our business. Having a politician have that close of control over your life finally brought to light the importance of elections for me.  

Now I wasn’t completely unengaged in politics before this job. I always took a few minutes online to educate myself and I always made it to my polling place. I feel it is part of being an American and I am proud to do it.

This year however, I went to the polls not only educated but also, hoping for the first time ever, to make a difference.

Idaho is a VERY conservative state. VERY backwards if you ask me. Mostly in the areas of education and human rights. I don’t know if you saw in the news how our Governor fought tooth and nail with the Supreme Court about NOT legalizing gay marriage in our state. He made it his personal mission to never allow same sex marriage in our state (he lost by the way).

Now I’m not trying to push any kind of belief on anyone. You can believe what you want to believe about marriage and who it should be between. But to me, his personal hatred and fight was appalling. They are just people in love who want to get married. How much damage can letting them tie the knot really do?

But that is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to our Governor. He also has had corrupt corporate deals and poorly funds and runs our schools.

Since I have several close friends and relatives who are teachers, I can see firsthand how underfunded our schools systems are.

Needless to say, I went to the polls determined to vote for his opponent.


The Governor and school superintendent positions were both up for vote at this midterm election. Both of which had a MUCH better Democrat runner for our state.

And guess what? Good ol’ Idaho stuck to her good ol’ conservative ways. Welcome back Governor Bitch I mean Butch.

There was an outcry from every teacher I know on social media this morning. Teachers and all those who support a better education system in our state and feel the need to protect the rights of Idahoans of every sexual orientation.

I don’t claim to be liberal or democrat in anyway. I vote on both sides of the line. I vote for the BEST PERSON FOR THE JOB. Sometimes that’s a Republican, sometimes that’s a Democrat.

So everything goes down the way it goes – and I was unsurprised to say the least.

The hard part for me was coming to work today and having co-workers who were THRILLED with the  conservatives staying in those positions.

It’s hard for me to keep my mouth shut.  So I had to vent here today.

I don’t care if you are conservative, liberal, moderate or independent. I just wish people chose those who would do what was best for the state rather than just who “fit” their left or right wing party definition. 

There was literally a quote in a newspaper article today from man who said "I just vote for whoever is most conservative." Really?

It frustrates me to no end. Please educate yourself. Exercise your right to vote. Choose who will do the best job, NOT just who has the party title you like best...

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  1. No complaints on this post from me. I say well stated. It's very difficult for me to hold my tongue around certain very backwards and very conservative coworkers. Very frustrating.

  2. I am jealous of your opportunity to make a vote that makes a difference. Yes for now it might not seem that way, but I live in New York and I am surrounded by people who think the same way I do :P so it's awesome in some respects, but it also makes me feel like voting is kind of pointless because it's going to go Democrat no matter what. Good for voting (and writing) in what you believe in!! Love it!

  3. I think that it doesn't matter if your liberal, conservative, or if you only believe in costume parties, nothing should make you more crazy than someone voting the straight party ticket just because they identify with that group. some friends + I were talking about how nearly everyone in our age group is financially conservative and socially liberal, and how it's such a bummer that the libertarian ticket is essentially wasting your vote. Also, I wish that when you went in to vote, you voted for the platform instead of the person pushing it..

  4. I hear you. This was a well-written post and we had the exact same situation happen here in Michigan. A horrible governor who has done terribly for the state and is making an even worse mockery of our education system here was voted for another term. Ugh.

  5. Same here in North Carolina. I can't believe that the state voted for the Republican Senator. His track record is awful, especially when it comes to women's rights. I just don't get it.

  6. I live in Kansas. I am a school social worker. Enough said.