February 23, 2015

Things I Can't Wait To Do

It's always popular to have goals, or a 30 x 30, or bucket list here in the blog world.

A bucket list, in my opinion however, is a list of desired accomplishments.  This list I don't consider accomplishments. They are the things I know, or desperately hope, will happen in my life. Things I don't need to make plans for, strap on a parachute to do, or fly 10,000 miles to see. They are the milestones I can't wait to have - the moments that make up my sincerest wishes and deepest dreams no matter how big or small.

I can't wait to...
... marry the man of my dreams

... sing my babies to sleep

... buy or build my dream house

... have a father daughter dance

... shop for maternity clothes

... pick baby names

... watch my husband become a dad

... decorate a nursery

... have a job I love going to every day

... make airplane noises with baby food in a spoon

... share my favorite movies with my children

... be a "soccer" (or insert the sport) mom

... bake cookies with my grandchildren

... celebrate my parents' 50th anniversary

... host my entire family for Thanksgiving or Easter

... watch my kids hunt for Easter eggs and carve their first pumpkins

... become old and gray with the man I love

... hear the pitter patter of little feet

... hear that tiny voice say "I love you" for the first time

Life can be fickle and sometimes way too short. The fact I look at this list and realize it might not all happen breaks my heart. But the fact it could also makes my soul sing...

Here's to all the things in our futures. May they be filled with love and joy!

Happy Monday, 
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  1. Oh man. There are so many things I can't wait for, too. These are the things that make hearts swell.

  2. This list will happened for you! It's so crazy because I never really thought about all the baby stuff, and when you said "hear that tiny voice say 'I love you' for the first time" I really can't wait for that now. It's funny how our goals, over a time, change. We can't wait to be 21 and get our legal drink on, we cant wait to go to a party or to go off to college. Now, its all changed to buying houses, saving money, getting married and having kids. Getting older can suck some times, but it also doesn't :) Love this!

  3. I love this! I can check most of those off my list already so maybe I should be making a new one of my own!

  4. ugh this is so sweet I might have teared up a little bit

  5. Aw! such a sweet list! I hope you get all these things and more.

  6. such a sweet list :) i can't wait for all these things as well - though, i didn't have a father daughter dance at my wedding (no father) so I danced with my mum, and it was awesome :)

  7. There's a lot of baby stuff in that list... I have to admit, totally not on my list. G and I don't want kids, so most of my list consists of travel and other things.

  8. sounds like a list i would write! love it!!

    i just might have to steal this idea :)


  9. This is so sweet! And totally inspiration for a post I want to write now. :)

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