October 22, 2013

28 Day Warrior Fit Challenge

Here is what I am currently “challenging” myself with – Warrior Fit Day 12

They have this poster at the Warrior Fit studio. I sure "cry" a lot during the workouts.
I am constantly struggling with my body image. I want to be fit and lose weight, but I LOVE FOOD.

Sadly, as I have been told, and was re-iterated in this new program I am trying, 80% of weight loss is based on diet, and only 20% on your workouts. So this means my attempts to go to the gym even 4 -5 times a week were not going to cut it if I wanted real results.

So I needed something to give me a kick start, a little push, to make that change. It just so happened to come to me through a Groupon. Crazy I know. But honestly I think it was a really well spent $20.

The Groupon was for a locally ran fitness place literally BLOCKS away from my house. How convenient is that? It was one contributing factor of the purchase. The package also included UNLIMITED workout classes for the 28 days, before and after weigh ins, measurement and pictures, AND all your meal plans laid out for you.

So far it has been just that (although I will say I didn’t get before photos done, and the measuring was just weighing… might be my fault for not asking about it…).

The toughest part is the meal plan. It started with a 3 day detox of nothing but fruits and veggies. And lots and lots of water. From there it got easier, but is still a dramatic change.  Here are some examples of meals from the plan.
Green smoothie - spinach, banana and strawberry

Salad with veggies and lemon as dressing - detox day

Apples and almond butter snack

Chili rubbed tilapia, roasted broccoli and brown rice

Veggie lettuce wraps - also detox meal

Chicken breast and steamed veggies.
The biggest differences are that I am eating CLEAN and CORRECT PORTIONS. I have had to cut some of my favorite things (cheese, bread, chocolate), but you get a “cheat day” once a week to eat all the things you missed. The funny part about that is that on my cheat days I don’t even eat that bad because I don’t have as much of an appetite, and the fatty things now make me sick. Sounds bad, but that is a good thing! It makes me crave the bad stuff so much less. That’s half the battle!

I still get to eat some yummy things – my favorites have been egg salads, veggie omelets and believe it or not I do really like the green smoothies. I would love to post some of the meal plans, but they are property of Warrior Fit. So you may just need to join and check it out!

The fun part of the challenge is the workouts. Maybe I am crazy for saying that – but I love them. I have done two styles of classes thus far, Boot Camp and Kick Boxing. Both are circuit/interval training. Intervals range from 20-45 seconds and then you rotate, so work outs seem to go really fast. Plus in Kick Boxing I get to punch things! You can see example workouts on the Warrior Fit website. I attend 4-5 classes a week and they are only 30 min long.

I am currently on day 12 of the challenge. Almost half way there! I cannot say I am seeing extreme results, but I do feel a lot better. Not drinking and not putting junk in your system make a huge difference. Today just happens to be my cheat day and I feel more lethargic than on a meal plan day (and I didn’t even have anything that unhealthy!). Just goes to show how much your diet can affect you!

Here’s to hoping 16 days from now I am looking leaner and meaner!

TTFN Friends! Feel free to ask questions if you are curious  :)


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