March 4, 2015

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | in like a Lion

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Ok, here we go.

It's finally March. FINALLY. That means it's my birthday month!!! Is anyone else a firm believer that you should celebrate all month long? Too bad I can't actually treat myself with my usuals due to my new fitness challenge. On top of that the BF is gone the week before, during and after my birthday. So as far as bithday's go this might not be my best #pitypartyofone #itsmybirthdayicancryifiwantto

Before you start your meal plan with Warrior Fit you are reccomended to do a 3 day cleanse. It consists of all fruits and vegetables for 3 days, tons of water, and nothing else. I've made it two days and I'm freaking starving #isitthursdayyet #gimmemeat #imstarving

That being said, tomorrow I have leadership class through our local city government. It includes lunch. And I just cannot bring myself to be "that girl" who packed a lunch to it. Among other business professionals in the area I just think it might be a little morifying. So I'm gonna eat what they provide, case closed #builtincheatday #hopeitspizza

Remember when I was talking about things that make me happy and decorating last week? Well the BF came home and didn't like it, resulting in a big fight. I can't even decorate my own freaking house!!!! UGH. However, because his happiness always seems to overrule mine, I'm doing my best to compromise. Some things have been moved around, but generally I'm still happy with the end result. #butitsstillmyhouse #iwantittobepretty #MINE

I'm writing this post really late (as in the night before) and I feel like it's not my best, but like I said I'm starving, oh and aunt flo is here so #efftheworld #sorrynotsorry #everythingsucks #illwhineifiwantto

Ta ta for now lovers...
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  1. OH gosh... that's a hard 3 days... You're almost there! Keep up the good work!!
    (BTW the link up isn't open yet)

  2. Oooh girl I feel you with the last gif. I keep toying with the idea of doing a juice cleanse, but I seriously like real food too much. I'd need to do more than swallow for three days (cheap joke but I had to take it). You're almost there, just keep going!

  3. Gabriel does that shit to me too! He doesn't seem to care what I do, then all the sudden says nope. I hate it. and I'm supposed to go along with it. Then I get all bye felicia on his ass.

  4. I've totally thought about doing a few day cleanse (3 days tops because I know myself too well) and it's exactly for the reasons you talked about above that I always talk myself out of it. I just want pizza even more when all I'm eating is fruits and veggies.

  5. All of you March babies geez.....I want a birthday month! Literally no one cares if you are born in December...they just wanna skip giving you presents. Isn't it funny how the guys never care..until you do it the way you want to!