March 25, 2015

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | The one before the Birthday

Oh, hi there.

Sorry I have neglected this little space of mine for a while. I've been a little overwhelmed lately and I'm blaming it all on work and the softball tournament I had this weekend. Spending that two days at the ball field is way less productive than cooking, cleaning and blog prep like a usual weekend. But it was WAY more fun! #theremayhavebeenbeer

So before we start the dishing, let's go say hello to my ever amazing co-host Lauren. Did you see how cute she was yesterday in that Maxi? I mean just stop it! #icanteven

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

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Alright here's the truth - I left this till the last minute and I have no desire to stay up late writing it and finding funny gifs #thereisaidit #bloggerstruggle #thisisnotmyweek

This could be because of the stress, lack of blogging and general feeling of being overwhelmed, but this is probably the first year of my entire life I'm not that excited for my birthday. I mean yeah, I like Treat yo' self Month and all, but I'm not feeling a party or big to-do. It's too much work. #someoneplanmeasurpriseparty #getmeinthemood

My birthday is on a Monday #Fthat and the BF is out of town for my birthday, both adding to the above feeling #itsmypartyicancryifiwantto

Also, I'm officially headed for "late" twenties. 27 feels old man, I know it's not, but it feels it to me. Wasn't I just 16? #takemeback #27isthenew22

Gunner just tooted. He's lying on the bed next to me and he just audibly farted #thisismylife #dogfarts

Odds are I'm going to do this whiny #confessions post and turn around and be bouncing off the ceiling with excitement within 24 hours. Don't hate me #imaybebipolar #moodswingsarereal #noimnotpregnant

I think the best birthay's are made  up of gestures, not gifts. Like a little note, flowers or chocolates sent to work, or taking care of things for the birthday-er #hinthintifyouarereading #idontneedmaterialthings #justkiddingineedthosetoo

And it's late, and I'm tired and I'm going to bed #goodnight

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  1. My little sister will be turning 27 on Friday! Let that sink little sister. I am going to be 32 this year. No more whining about getting old, ok!? ;) Just kidding. I get a little depressed right before my birthday too when I remember how old I am but you know what? I am going to take a different approach this year! We are lucky to be celebrating that next birthday, so many people didn't get that opportunity. So cheer up and enjoy your birthday girl! You deserve it :)

  2. I agree the little gestures are what mean the most! But some birthday goodies are nice too! :) I'm sorry your BF will be out of town for your birthday! But maybe you two can go out and celebrate the weekend before? And I agree with Nadine, you are SO not old! I'm 31, will be 32 in a few months. But I promise, the 30's rock! :)

  3. Haha Well happy birthday month!! Sometimes blogging is a chore for me and I'm just not into it, but then I get good comments and it makes my day. haha. Hope today is better!!

  4. I see your 27 and I raise you my 30, which I turned back in October. I still say I'm 29 - #dontjudgeme

    And, if you come by my blog, and go through the history - You will see I have taken a MANY siesta from blogging - it can become very overwhelming when combined with life. But, I always come back, and I highly recommend a good break, now and again.

    Lauren and that maxi - I loved it - I love the pockets - I love how she rocked it. And that company, makes the CUTEST UNIQUE STUFF!

  5. I'm glad someone else agrees that Birthday MONTHs should be a thing and being treated is where it's at. I shun your 27 for a whopping 29 and I don't feel a little bit old #butaskmenextyear.

  6. Boo to your boyfriend being out of town for your birthday :( Maybe Gunner will surprise you with a party? haha

    I spent my 27th birthday in Vegas and that was the only reason I was excited for my birthday. The older I get the less I care about my own birthday - now its all about planning outrageous parties for my nieces!

  7. Some years birthdays are just any other day for some reason! But with cake which is always a good thing!

  8. Girl. I *literally* laughed out loud at the whole Gunner farted part. Some weeks are like that. Just a big ol' dog fart.

    But never apologize for beer and exciting plans so you were too busy to worry about the internet. It's all good. I'd be a little bummed if my birthday was on a Monday. Oh wait, my 21st was on a Monday. #Boooo. I'm sorry your BF isn't around for it though. That's really meh!

    I feel you with the old thing though. I don't feel like I'll be 26. I feel about 56. Go get yo'self some cake and treat yo'self!

  9. oh man, no worries on the bday celebration-- most people stop celebrating them after 30 always. Or so I've heard, I'm in my last year of my late 20's :)

  10. 27 isn't old! You're only as old as you feel on the inside... or something like that. ;)

    I deal with dog farts, too! ha!

  11. planning your own birthday festivities is SO MUCH WORK. I feel ya girlfriend. BUT CAKE! ALL THE CAKE!

  12. 27 is the new 22. I can get behind that hashtag. I hate planning birthday festivities. If it was all up to me I would wind up with ice cream cake and a bottle of wine sitting on my couch. Celebration?