July 29, 2015

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | Fair Confessions

A little more Fair talk and then I'm done I swear.

Ok I lie, it will probably pop up again, but I'll cool it after this one a little!

It's that glorious day of the week again, the one that signals we're half way to the weekend, and the one where you get to stare at Schmidt's face and link up your #hashtags.

I hope you look forward to it as much as I do! Oh and that you say hi to the lovely Lauren - or I'll getcha, so do it!

Can you tell I'm still a little delirious?? Judge me. Your welcome to. 

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So this is a compilation of all the random, funny or just plain memorable things that happened at Fair this year. Maybe they were more entertaining to my sleep deprived giggly self last week, but I'm going to share them anyway.

Day one, I had the most bizarre pick up line experience of all time. I'm driving around in my cart, in a polo and jorts, so not a hot look, and yet the white trash looking guy made it a point to stop me and the gal I was with to "tell us something." I stopped since as staff I need to answer any questions attendees had. He proceeded to tell us our "legs were cloudy." I gave him the "WHAT?" more than once and he repeated himself. Then he told us "I'd like to see them clear up." Still oblivious to the meaning since I had been up since 3:30 am that day, I drove off, and the girl I was with explained it to me - like legs "clear up" in the air - what a perv! #reallythatwasapickupline #itwasbad #dontusethatoneagain #whydidistop

Speaking of pervs, everyone's not so favorite weather guy was here doing the weather report Thursday morning (thus why I was up at 3:30 am) and then again at noon. In his morning segment I lined up a juggling act we have at the Fair, who happen to be a young married couple. They did an ok job and he was very appreciative that I had people to interview for each time slot. Come noon Mr. Sleezy made it a point to ask for that "cute little juggler gal from this morning. She was something" not referring to the other half of her act at all #notsosly #youobviouslyhaveaonetrackmind #noyoumaynot

Thursday night was my first "oh shit" moment as a new sponsor program was far more successful than I expected. I ordered 900 prizes thinking that would be plenty for the 500-700 folks who might actually fill out the scavenger hunt at Fair. That many did it just on Thursday and I almost had a panic attack Thursday night. Luckily we we're able to overnight stuff and got it Saturday #thatwasclose #sincewhendoiunderestimate #thesponsorBETTERbehappy

Hotel biscuits and gravy was a poor choice #iletyoudecipherthatone

Late Friday or Saturday night, I forget which (it all blends together) we came back to the office to a voicemail. A very drunk voice on the other line was asking about the "Fat Italian" we had at the Fair and whether or not he does "magic tricks or what?" Then he realized that the news article he was reading said it was an "Italian Ride" (carousel) and proceeded to agonizingly apologize in the voicemail and ended it with a "have a nice day mam." I wish I had the recording to share with you - seriously you'd be peeing your pants #ipromiseitwasfunny #wedidnthireafatitalian #nicetrythough #youprobablywouldntknowthedifferenceanyway

Sunday ended the fair with someone shitting they pants. Literally. I want to search this family out and rip them a new one because they left there very old, very confused grandfather alone in our exhibits hall while they went and enjoyed the Fair. He had an accident and no one was there to help him, nor would they come get him and take him home. HOW TERRIBLE CAN YOU BE?! #iwanttohurtyou #respectyourelders #takecareofyourfamily

Finally Sunday night we had a monsoon downpour during take down. That's always a fun surprise #atleastihadmyfrozenbananafirst

How eventful was your week? I can't wait to get caught up and read about it!


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  1. I was like you ... oblivious to the lame attempt of a pick up line. Thanks for explaining! That elderly man story made me really, really sad. Getting old and not being able to care for yourself is such a terrible loss of dignity. What's up with his family ditching him?!

  2. Oh gosh!!! That pick up line??? Like WTF dude? Just no. No no no!!!!! And the weather man sounds super creepy. EW.

  3. That pick-up line made me cringe! It's even worse than "Is that a mirror in your pants? Because I can totally see myself there".

  4. I didn't understand the pick-up line either until you explained it...but holy GROSS! That's so sad about that old man. :( I can't believe his family would just leave him!