August 1, 2015

August Goals

How is it August already? The 8th month of 2015. I feel like it zipped past us!
I don't typically do these goals posts, but for August, it feels necessary.
I have a lot I want and need to accomplish and I feel if I write them here it might keep me just a tiny bit more accountable.

August 2015 Goals:
  • Complete the Whole30 with the only slips being the two pre-diagnosed conflicts (Idaho Wine Run [wine only] and Bachelorette Party [as clean as possible + booze])
  • Send at least three forms of snail mail
  • Decorate my new desk space in the office
  • Run three or more times a week (this is going to be a tough one!!)
  • Make at least one work out class a week
  • Freeze spending all month other than groceries and bridesmaid expenditures (hair appointment, bachelorette party, wedding gift, etc.)
  • Research and prepare to book our trip to Hawaii!
  • Blog at least three times a week
  • Comment on at least three blogs a day during the week
  • Clean out and reorganize my closet and master bathroom storage
  • Read more. I need to get more time with just me and my kindle!

What are your goals for August?
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  1. I started to eat more non-processed, healthy foods a couple of days ago, so I am hoping to keep up with that. (I don't think any food is bad in moderation, but I was not doing a good job of balancing).

  2. Aaaah! You're going to Hawaii??? That's so exciting! <3 And I'm super impressed with all your healthy goals you're coming out with. You can totally do this! <3 Once my thesis is turned in, I'm totally doing it to, so if you want an accountability buddy, I'm here for you girl xx Woohoo, August!

  3. I used to write out my goals for the month/week in my planner but I haven't been doing it since May... Whoopsie. So the chances of me squeezing into your suitcase for Hawaii are good yes? Maybe your plus one for the wedding? Okay. Good :)

  4. You will LOVE Hawaii. I would move there soooo quickly if I could. If only it wasn't so expensive!

  5. Good stuff!

    My main goal is to get my head back together and get out of summer mode/FIP...maybe. LOL

  6. Awesome goals for this month! And Hawaii?! Take me with youuuu!