September 30, 2015

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | The One with Ooooze

Are you grossed out already? I mean you should be by the post title right?

Don't worry I'll try and keep it PG rated for my weak stomached friends.

Trust me it's not as bad as you think.

Before we get into what's oozing, go say high to my partner in crime, Lauren @Genuinely Lauren. Give her some love why don't ya?

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Alright, let's do this thing.

First off, I did finish my half marathon this weekend. More on that tomorrow.

Ok, now to the oozing.

After above mentioned half marathon I was a little loopy the rest of the weekend to say the least, or at least that's what I'm blaming this on. That, or my over-developed competitive nature #imustwineverything #giveit110% #nosuchthingasgoingtoofar

Sunday night, I had my usual co-ed softball game, during the eclipse which was badass (but that's neither here nor there). After a decent hit and two runners batted in, I was rounding first, and got about half way to second, also known as the point of no return #ohshithesgonnathrowmeout

So naturally the competitive, loopy me went for it, hard into second base, and slid (with good technique mind you) right into the tag #fuckimout #atleasttwopeoplescored

The issue with this (besides being out?)?? I had on little running shorts, no sliders and no other protective gear #yeahthatwasdumb #whatwasithinking #iwasntthinking

Insert road rash. And bruising. And all the hurts. No, seriously, this was the worst pain I have experienced in a long, long time. I did my best to be a badass and didn't even rinse it out or whine about it the rest of the game #butimighthavebeenlimping #nopainnogain

I got home and cleaned it out and iced my ass cheek. That's a new form of classy, let me tell you #assicing #dowhatyougottado

To put this in perspective (and to not gross you out with a photo, which I have, if you wanna see it) I have a huge scrape on my right ass cheek/thigh, the size of my face. As well as some on my right shin #roadrash #asbigasmyface #fml

Monday I was all set to take a sick day because hello, how the hell am I supposed to sit on this pain in my ass for 8 hours? Instead, the BF gave me all the grief and told me to grow up and get to work #getsomestrawsandsuckitup

So I did. And guess what was happening about an hour into work? My booboo was OOZING through my leggings. Yes I wore leggings because real pants = ouch at this point. The scab was litterally spotting through my charcoal leggings. I know what you're thinking - why didn't you cover it up? Because who has bandages the size of their face at home?! #NOONEITELLYOU #plusiwasntgoingtogotoworkremember

At lunch I drove to Walgreens and bought some bandages and copious amounts of ibuprofen. #problemsolvedsortof #atthispointimsooverit

But seriously, I should have just taken Monday off. This shit is too much to deal with this week. Oh, and yes, it's STILL oozing #maybeishouldseeadoctor #butaintnobodygottimeforthat

And that's the really long story about the road rash on my butt. #yourewelcome

Happy Humpday friends. Send me and my ass good vibes would ya?

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  1. I mean only you, right? ;) As we say in our house: put some beer on it. Booze cures everything, from broken hearts to broken butts. Take care girl! Hope you get better soon!

  2. yikes!!!! i hope it heals fast. and drink wine because we all know that wine makes things much, much better.

  3. Oh no, that sounds so painful!! Hope it heals up quickly!

  4. Ouch ouch ouch! I hope it's getting better now. I love the hashtag #assicing!

  5. Noo! I played softball and remember the ooze! Best of luck to a smooth healing process!

  6. I agree with Kathy... drink something for the pain!! Ouch, I hope it heals quickly!!! I tried to put my link here but I guess work computer is cock blocking me. Wahhhh... but I did link up lol

  7. Yuck, oooze! But, glad you got the scare playing sports and being a badass! Wine makes everything better.

  8. Oh my gosh... OUCH is all I gotta say with every confession.

    Cant wait to hear about the half marathon!

  9. This just sounds painful, I can't imagine how it really actually feels! Hoping it heals quickly for you!

  10. Oh my goodness, that sounds so painful! Hope it gets better soon!

  11. Oh no, that sounds just awful!!!! I totally would have stayed home on Monday! You had a legit excuse. Boys are way bigger babies than girls are. I would love to have seen one try to work on that all day!

  12. Ummmm I'm gonna need to see the picture! I watch Grey's Anatomy so I'm pretty much a Doctor.... bahaha

  13. Did you guys have those little scooter things in PE in elementary school that you sit on and roll around? Once, someone crashed into me when I was sitting on one and I had ass ooze too. Yours sounds like it's probably worse though. I totally would've wanted to take a sick day too! Hope you feel better soon!!

  14. Holy hell, that sounds AWFUL and super painful! Boyfriend should've totally let you hang out at home because c'mon, your badass self deserved a much needed break. I hope it gets better ASAP!!

  15. Lolol. I feel sorry for you but I laughed throughout. You are freaking hilarious girl. ;-)

  16. Lolol. I feel sorry how to make money online
    for you but I laughed throughout. You are freaking hilarious girl. ;-)