October 21, 2015

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | The Guilty Edition

Fall has finally hit Idaho, that's about the only good news I have this week. That and my very first "real blogger" planner has shipped from A Beautiful Mess. I can't wait to have it in my hot little hands on Friday! 

Oh you're right - it's humpday too and that's always good news!!! Pop over and say hi to my co-host Lauren and her three pups. Then make sure to link up with us and Alanna for confessions! Two birds. One stone. #nailedit

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

 First a little business. Here’s the scoop:
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This week we're talking about guilt. I have to confess my sins right?

I'm totally guilty of...

Scrolling through my Twitter feed and only reading things my blog "friends" have posted and nothing else #theimportantpeople

Throwing away plastic silverware at work even though we reuse them #thatswhyitplasticdamnit #idoenoughdishesathome

Adding "that's what she said" to the end of far too many sentences #twss #itsalwaysfunny

Getting angry when someone doesn't use their turn signal, while forgetting to use my own #hypocritstatus

Deciding not to leave a comment if a blog post already has 30 plus comments #theyhaveenoughloveforoneday

Not washing my hair everyday so I can sleep longer #dirtyhairdontcare #shamelessplug

Letting Gunner get after other people's dogs at the park when they are being asshole dogs and their owners aren't doing anything about it #theyneedtolearntheirlesson

Keeping all the things rolling around in my car and trunk #messycarpersonandihateit

Forgetting time and time again to remind my roommate to keep things off the counter or to move them myself and then the dog eats it #sorryaboutthosemuffins

Brushing my teeth when I get up instead of after breakfast #becausecoffeekeepsgoing

Cracking myself up with my own thoughts and laughing out loud #yourereallynotthatfunnylaura

Judging a new blog the second I open the page and whether I'm going to follow or read it #haveagooddesignpeople

Changing the radio station when commercials come on even though it's my job to place commercials #ihopeotherpeoplelisten

Procrastinating phone calls because asking for money is the pits #ohshitthatshalfmyjob

Letting weeds grow humongous in my flower beds most of the year #itwastoohotforweeding #andimlazyasshit

Taking advantage of activities with my parents because I know they'll pay #helpmeimpoor

Telling myself I'm going to eat "Whole30-ish" during the week and then eating 5 pumpkin spice blondies a day #ohlookdessert!

Going to the bathroom a million times a day at work #allthewaterandallthestepsonmyfitbit

Not having a good idea for this post but coming up with far too many things I'm guilty of #couldhavebeenworse

What are you confessing and #-ing this week?

Alanna & Company

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  1. Puhlease, who said you're not that funny Lolo? These guilty confessions are killin' me! I totally scroll through Twitter the same way but am TRYING to be better about it. And also, if someone leaves goodies on the counter, it is their fault if they suddenly disappear via puppy eating or human eating. #ItIsWhatItIs ;)

  2. I found where you can only see your 'favorites' tweets - that's my favorite thing about the twitter app :)

    I do the "that's what she said" thing WAY too much too :) I had an engagement couple that did that in their picture using a chalkboard - its a great picture :)

  3. I brush my teeth first thing and not before I leave too. I always have part of my breakfast and water in the car and neither of those taste good with toothpaste! I have zero time for commercials in my life. And I totally tell myself I am going to eat well all week and then do something stupid like buy a bag of candy and down it like I want diabetes tomorrow.

  4. I always brush my teeth first thing and not before I leave.

    I'm guilty of not scrolling through twitter hardly at all. LOL. I post and run.

    I always comment if I want to whether someone has 0 comments or 100. Can someone have too much love? Probably not.

  5. bahahahaha at not leaving a comment if it already has 30 comments. that's hilarious. i have never done that, i leave comments regardless. allllll the love!
    i totally do the that's what she said as well.. i mean some people walk right into it!
    and yay for new planners! how exciting :)

  6. Why do people wash plastic silverware? I get the whole let's save the earth thing, but sometimes I just want to be lazy. Hence why I grabbed plastic silverware over metal. Ain't nobody got time for that. (Also I bet in groundbreaking news the last gif of Louis from 1D is one of my all time faves. I use it all the time in texts.)

  7. SUPER guilty of brushing teeth when I wake up and not right before I walk out the door. The first sip of coffee is before my shower most days so I have a hard time thinking the Extra "with Whitening" is going to do a damn thing!

  8. Hell yes to the #helpmeimpoor hashtag with mom & dad's checkbook :) Also, my weed, er, flower beds make my house look homeless. Oooooops!

  9. Totally with you about judging a blog by it's cover. #sorrynotsorry. Bad design sucks. I also let Starla go after dogs who are being jerks. If they hump her and she barks or growls at them, I don't care at all. I won't let her get into a fight obviously, but I have no problem if my dog needs let another dog know to back off.

  10. So many of these apply to my life. I think I'm the funniest person around and I'm just sad for other people who don't think so. I see that this might also apply to you. I also do the same thing if there are more than 30 comments. I just feel like I'm either going to be repeating something someone else already said or the blogger is going to be like UGH ANOTHER EMAIL NOTIFICATION /wrist.
    My dogs are the same way about stuff on the counters and it doesn't have to be food... #goatdogs
    I #twss ALL THE TIME #sorrynotsorry, lol

  11. I am confessing nothing because I am/was a lazy piece of shit last night and layed in bed and watched the People's Couch rather than write a post. Next week! I have shit rolling around my car all the time too! Pumpkin spice blondies you say? Ugh sounds yumm

  12. I'm so with you on blog design. If your blog looks bad/is hard to read, I'm out! I opened one recently, and the entire thing was in a script font. Way too hard to read. I brush my teeth when I get up too. Chris is always getting on to me about it! lol.

  13. We are too much alike. 99% of these applied to me too. Especially cracking myself up with my own thoughts. I'm surprised nobody has shipped me off yet for laughing at myself. We're just happy people, ya know??

  14. My car is the messiest!!! I just don't want to clean it. When I clean my apartment, at least I get to be at home/have TV on in the background/etc, but my car? Just hanging out in a stuffy old parking garage? Nah.

  15. Pumpkin Spice Blondies are seasonal. You can't just ignore them during the season... IT'S THE ONLY TIME THEY'RE AVAILABLE! You're just doing your part for fall.

  16. My new phone has a step tracker and I'm hooked already. Hooray!

  17. Bahahaha... thank you for admitting to laughing at your own self... I do that ALL the time! Now I know I'm not crazy. Or AS crazy anyway. :) ;P

  18. I ALMOST DIED TODAY because I have these giant tissue pom pom things rolling around in the back + I want to ride with the windows all the way down going 80 mph. #lifeontheedge

  19. I loved the guilty posts! This was hilarious! I totally don't wash my hair every day. I do not have time for that. I'm lucky to get a wash in every third day. #SAHMlife Who washes plastic silverware? That is just weird. I do let my parents pay a lot of the time when we go out....totally guilty of that one!