November 30, 2015

Monday Mentions

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all enjoyed a long weekend full of food and family. 

This Monday, seeing as I am away, I thought I'd just mention some things you need to keep an eye out for this week. 

|| Did you see these AMAZING Whole30, Paleo friendly snack bars? They are my new favorite and so tasty I can hardly believe they are healthy food. 

|| In case you didn't see it on Insta, I had a stow away for my Vegas trip. Ted just wasn't ok with my packing, so he slept in my suitcase instead.

|| Tomorrow I have Sarah Elizabeth taking over to tell you a little more about one of my favorite things. I can't wait! 

|| Don't forget we are celebrating ONE YEAR of #hashtaghumpday this Wednesday! Lauren and I are thanking all of our linkers by hosting a giveaway. I hope you'll all join us!

|| I'm a cookie monger through and through. I can't wait to add to my cookie recipe repertoire with Lindsay and Brittany's Christmas Cookie Exchange on Friday! Make sure you stop by and share your cookie recipes and add a few to your collection while you are there!

Speaking of Lindsay, she's one of my amazing sponsors this month! I've known Lindsay for a while now and it's been so wonderful getting to know her. She shares all sorts of blogging information and tutorials that are fabulous like How to Create a Link-Up,  How to start a Blog Sponsorship Program and many more! 

Instead of hogging the lovely Lindsay all to myself, I thought you should get to know her too!

  1. Why did you start a blog and what is your blog about?  I started blogging because I was working as a writer, but wanted a creative outlet. My blog is about a little bit of everything: beauty tips and tricks, life, and the occasional blogging tip and DIY. Also cocktails.
  2. Besides blogging, what are some of your other hobbies? What can we find you doing on a Saturday night? We like going out- we're big fans of trying new breweries! I am usually visiting with family or friends, or we're watching Netflix. Netflix is a hobby, right? Please say yes.
  3. You and I are on a blate (finally!) what is your drink of choice? Yes! I guess it depends on WHERE we're meeting, but my go-to drinks are bourbon, craft beer, and Merlot. Just don't let me have all three in one sitting...
  4. What advice would you have for a blogger who is just starting out? My advice for new bloggers is to put yourself out there. Meet and work with other ladies- it's much more fun than trying to do it all yourself! And no idea is stupid. Write what you want don't feel ashamed.
  5. What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?  I'm looking forward to spending time with my family this holiday season and my sister is getting married in two weeks! It's party time!
Want more Lindsay? Follow here!

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  1. Love Lindsay :) I hope you have a fabulous time on your trip!!!

  2. I love Lindsay and her blog :) Enjoy Vegas!!

  3. I always find it funny when pets jump in suitcases. Starla always just stares sadly at mine when I bring it out. (just an FYI your pinterest button on your sidebar is showing a weird picture instead of the pinterest logo)

  4. I love reading Lindsay's blog! Also, I am dying to get my hands on the recipes that people are sharing for the cookie link-up. I think I'll be a baking machine after I see them all :)

    1. Thank you so much, Myra! I hope you join us on Friday!

  5. Thanks for having me today! I'm so glad you're joining Brittany and I on Friday! I'm pretty pumped to get the season started right. Hope you enjoy your trip, lady!

  6. Bahahah... I love that your kitty tried to go to Vegas, too! :)

  7. Hubs and I were just saying we're due for a Vegas trip!! Enjoy!!

  8. One word... POINSETTIAS!
    I'm so happy you can relate :)

    I hope you had a great trip!