July 19, 2013

Growing up – sort of

One of my favorite summertime activities is to have a couple cold beers with friends and enjoy the warm summer night. This I hope will never change.

Last night I was excited to do just that—Parilla dollar taco and two dollar Tecate night seemed just the place!  I was thrilled to be getting out of the house, see friends, eat tacos and have a beer. The night did not disappoint.

What was different about this night was how it differed from what it most likely would have been a year or two ago. Thursday nights in the summer not too long ago may have lead to dollar beer night at Suds, which would go from “just a few beers” to well.... more than that.

Instead, last night, we finished our beers and tacos, chatted for a little while, and headed home—very grown up of us.

I probably wouldn’t have made note of this other than what happened to some other friends last night who decided to take the other route (Suds after Parilla). Our roommate may or may not have been naked on the couch this morning…

And so I reflect and am glad, that I am now grown up enough to enjoy myself but not go overboard. Though it is still known to happen now and again…

(PS - have made a mental note to take pics while we are out next time so you don't have just text)

Happy Friday friends!


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