July 19, 2013

Here goes nothing!

Hello everyone, welcome to my blog and my very first blog post!

I have had an itch to start a blog ever since I got obsessed with a few of my friends’ blogs. Some of my favorites are http://thecrazylifeofcassie.wordpress.com/ and http://everydaywithsandj.blogspot.com.  The blog that truly inspired me however is “The Start of the Shaws” by Karissa Shaw (one of my sisters from KKG). You can check it out here: http://kandkshaw.blogspot.com/.

Everything about Karissa’s blog, from her language to her cute stories and fashion updates, and of course her dog photos—is perfect to me. I connect to it, it pertains to me and my life, and mostly it inspires me. I want to do that with my blog. Or at the very least, have an avenue to express myself, and find my voice.

So here goes nothing! I apologize if I am slow, boring, confusing or lame at first. I promise to start making blog magic someday. Hopefully the blog will motivate me to do more in my life – outings, DIY, fashion, etc. so that I can share!

TTFN friends!



  1. love it! thanks for the sweet should out :)


  2. Good Luck!

    Please check out my new blog.