July 22, 2013

Super Summer Weekend Re-Cap

Happy Monday Friends!

I had an amazing weekend and I hope you did too! While I didn’t get everything done that needed to get done (typical), I did have a full, summer fun filled weekend.

Friday night, as part of my Mom’s birthday present, the whole fam went to Sweeny Todd at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival. It was AWESOME. I love musicals, and dark twisted humor—so Sweeny is one of my favorites! I don’t think my Mom knew quite what she was in for however, as she made a disgruntled sound during every bloody murder scene… All I could think about was how sweet it was and wondered how they did it!

Our view for Sweeny Todd

Sister Selfie at Shakespeare Festival
Saturday I drug myself to Willow Lane for my softball team, Booze on First’s end of season tournament. It started off rocky – getting beat bad by the first team we played. This was annoying because they were the second seeded team after us, and if we are both high seeds we shouldn’t have to play each other right off the bat! What also was a bummer is that I had a really good game personally (batted 1000 and had 3 catches in centerfield) and yet we still lost. 

Games 2 and 3 went better though, and we run rulled both teams (beat them by 12+). Sadly come game 4 the heat (and maybe the beer) got to us and we ended up losing. We took 3rd overall. Not to shabby if you ask me!

Booze on First with our 3rd place trophy

 Since I played in the sun all day Saturday, that meant Sunday was get shit stuff done day. However friend time took precedent—first I helped my friend Alex move stuff up her stairs to her new apartment. (Very Friends episode style “pivot!”). Then I had a wonderful, cheesecake filled lunch with Miss Annie, for our last little one on one before her and JD head off to Texas. I admire her so much for taking this chance and I am so excited for her!

Eventually (and maybe after a couple of my DVR’d shows…) I got to work. Gunner and I got to cleaning up the house.

Gunner on the vent as I clean the bathroom

He discovered his new favorite summer sleeping spot – on the AC vent. I got a few rooms cleaned up, and took some pictures for my upcoming BEFORE and AFTER of the house post (stay tuned!).

Then it was off to my Mom’s birthday dinner at PF Changs. Couldn’t have been a more perfect end to the weekend!

It really was one wonderful weekend. About the only thing I would have changed would have been to have a little more time with my man…



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