July 23, 2013

The Pink Palace Part 1 (Finding and Buying)

Preface of the Before and After home renovations!


The quick summary of my home purchase:

With a little nudging from my parents, and a sick feeling in my gut with throwing rent down the drain every month, I decided I needed to build equity and buy.

I started the process in February of 2012. I got my pre-approval and started skimming the surface of listings. Around March I gave in to seeing listings in person, and would go see several properties at a time every couple weeks.

It took a long time, but finally I fell in love with a short sale in East Boise. After getting the signed contract, now was waiting time… And boy how we waited. And waited. And waited.  Finally I got news – and not news I wanted. The owner had caught up on payments and was no longer selling. HEART BROKEN.

I took a break from looking and then began the search once again (late summer). Again I saw dozens of properties – felt like hundreds. And, being stupid I once again put in an offer on a short sale, this time in NW Boise. I didn’t let myself get as attached to this home, but it was hard not to be excited. We waited and I tried not to get my hopes up. This short sale also led to disappointment. After three more months of waiting, the bank dismissed the agreed upon amount between me and the seller. They raised the price the week of Christmas (Merry Christmas to me). I was done with this property…

So dragging my feet, and completely discouraged, we continued to look. I had to branch out of my “dream” locations to find more in my budget. Finally we found a home I saw potential in – despite the pink. Best part of all, it was a traditional sale and not a short sale!

Even though I had to go a little out of my ideal areas, the Pink Palace had EVERYTHING on my wish list; 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a big private backyard, a large kitchen, walk in closet, double vanities in the master bath, and as bonuses hard wood floors and a fireplace!

A little back and forth and I had myself a house! It took a WHOLE YEAR, but finally I signed for my home on Fat Tuesday (2/13/13), and got my keys on Valentine’s Day. We spent our very romantic Valentine ’s Day starting to rip the pink out of the Pink Palace with a take-and-bake pizza cooked in my very own oven :-)

Next is the BEFORE and AFTER! Here's a little teaser pic:

Our Valentine's Day picnic dinner at the new house!

TTFN Friends!