August 26, 2013

Happy National Dog Day!

I plan to have some legitimate food and DIY posts later this week, but since I'm still recovering from the Fair, today I'm going with something easy  -  showcasing my main man for National Dog Day!

I give you Gunner:

He loves sticks

and beer

and his Dad

he's a lean mean Frisbee chasing machine (this was a little pre-retrieving stage though)

he likes to be on you

he's an angel when he's sleeping

he loves the grass

you can't resist his "please mom" faces

he's regal and handsome

and gets annoyed when I take photos when he's napping

he makes the silliest derp faces

he is the number one football fan

he likes to take advantage of AC vents
he'd sleep in bed like a human if we would let him

My big boy on National Dog Day!

Here's to all you dog lovers out there and your furry friends!

TTFN Friends,


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