August 18, 2013

Fair Time

Spending almost 24/7 at the Western Idaho Fair

I know I have been M.I.A. lately, so I thought I'd do a quick post on why...

I am at the Western Idaho Fair, pretty much all day, every day.

See, I'm so official I have logoed shirts!

I had mentioned in an earlier post that my company does the marketing for the Fair. What I didn't go into though, is that during the fair, we are on site facilitating all press/media and sponsors on the grounds.

This is actually a pretty cool gig - let's just say I'm one of the cool kids that gets to drive around on a golf cart. There's also a couple other perks...

I get to be at all the concerts...
And have an all access backstage pass...

With my boss Becki we run around the Fair, making sure things run smoothly on our end... It turns into long days, and countless hours (30+ already, but who's counting).

I also do all the social media for the Fair. So like the page!

But even with the long hours I still enjoy taking in the sights and smells, people watching, and seeing the joy the Fair brings to the Treasure Valley.

So you probably won't hear from me or see me until I come up for air on Monday the 26th.

Until then - enjoy one of the last weeks ofthe summer! And come out to the Fair!

TTFN Friends!


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