August 7, 2013

What’s up Wednesday

Here’s what’s going on with me this week.


1. Work is NUTS.

I work for CLM Marketing and Advertising and we act as the marketing “department” of the Western Idaho Fair. This means we not only do ALL the advertising (radio, TV, billboards, newspaper, online) we also do all of the sponsorship and on site media coordination. Basically it means my August is booked.

I have  been spending a lot of time out at the Fair office. We have our own office there so that Becki (my boss) and I can have a computer/hub onsite. During the Fair we are there everyday. Becki spends 18+ hours a day sometimes – thank goodness I’m not there quite that much.

There is so much that we do for the Fair I could take up pages and pages. Basically I just wanted to mention that is what is going on work. PLUS I still have all my other functions/clients going on at CLM. It makes it very stressful when I could easily work 40+ hours a week just on Fair items, but I still have to do my “regular” day to day job too. I won’t get into that for now. Maybe a post later on…

So I get to do all sorts of miscellaneous things, including design (yippee!), for the Fair. ALSO I do all the social marketing for the Fair, so if you don't already like us!

I get to do on-site signage like this

and create misc. little things like tickets and passes

 2. I got a lecture.

Last night when James got home he basically scolded me for not going to the gym. I hurt my back pretty bad at Monday night volleyball and I was using that as an excuse (at least this one makes sense). I have had lots of excuses lately and have not been working out nearly enough.

However, him TELLING me to go do it really pissed ticked me off. So much so, that with the stress from work, I lost it a little. I refused to talk to him, sat out and sulked on the back patio, and finally slammed the door as I left for the gym.

When I got home I felt much better (funny how that works). I confronted him in a positive way about how if he wants to  be supportive, he should praise and congratulate my actions rather than tell me to do things. I realized this was similar to training the puppy…but hey, I think it would work for me! 

Ultimately it was how he said it, not the meaning behind it, that was negative in my mind. Once I got to the gym and got after it I realized how shallow I had been to taking it scathingly.

New goal – get to the gym/go on a run at least 4 days a week (avoiding the lecture altogether). This will be really tough working at the Fair, but I’m going to try!!!

A little motivation

3. Jones’ Weekend Bash.

This weekend we are going to my roommate’s family home. (Oh yeah I have a roommate in addition to James, it’s one of our friends who lived with James prior to this living arrangement.) Each year his parents throw a big BBQ/Pool Party. Last year I didn’t get invited and James had told me it was a “guy weekend.” However he and all his friends came home and said it was too much of a dick dude fest. Thus, this year, lots of ladies are invited.

It is just for Saturday night, which I am glad about. This will be enough time to get out of town and enjoy ourselves, but not so much of a commitment that I will feel stressed about it. I can’t wait to let loose with my friends for an end of summer bash, and one last breather before Fair starts.
Get to hang with my 3 main men (minus the furry one)
Last year's bro bash

 Now just to decide what side dishes to bring… I’m thinking poolside dip and fruit salad???

That’s all for now.

TTFN Friends!


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