September 3, 2013

Making it Home

This Labor Day I worked on making my house a home.

To me, this means adding little things that reflect my style. It also means filling the blank spaces to make the house feel lived in. There's nothing I hate more than empty shelves and walls.

Before I indulged in decorating I cleaned the whole house. Vacuumed, swept, mopped, dusted....whew now I earned the fun part!

My dad came over and helped me hang this mirror in the master bedroom.

He also worked out how to mount this shelf/hanger in the foyer, which I then added little knock knacks to :)

My mom bought me this decal right around the time I closed on my house and I finally got around to getting it up. It was a HUGE pain, but it looks cute now!

I also hung up this little sign above the oven.

And a few frames in the hallway.

With a little retail therapy I also got this star for the front step.

I scored on this plant at Savers which is perfect for one of my raised ledges that was empty.

..and I bought an orchid to replace the one that died. I feel it's the finishing touch on my mantle.

That's all for now folks! (Sorry the photos aren't the best quality... but I hope you get the general idea)

TTFN Friends!



  1. Loving this post! Your house is looking so cute!

    1. Thank you! Still needs some work but I'm getting there :)