September 1, 2013

Thrift Shop Finds

Happy long weekend all!

I found some goodies at the thrift shop/consignment store this week so I went a head and did some DIY this holiday weekend.

The weekend didn't start as planned, and my cabin and rafting trip was cancelled. I was super bummed. However, trying to look at the bright side of things, this did allow me to get a lot more done around the house this weekend, including a pitcher make over.

The other day I scored at a furniture consignment store with these perfect little stools, to be painted eventually.

They turned out to be the perfect height!
Then I crossed the street to the Youth Ranch and found all these goodies, and the pitcher that is part of the DIY project below. Everything for about $14!!!! Woohoooo!

Fall wreath, a pumpkin serving plate and some cute candle holders (pitcher not shown)

I was excited to find this for about $4 at the thift store. I needed a little more kitchen decor, and I thought this would fit the bill. It wasn't pretty to start with, but I saw the potential.

I went to Walmart and bought some spray paint, based on this little tutorial I found.

First I primed it. Here it is with about 2 1/2 coats of primer. Make sure you get even coats. I got the spray can too close to the pitcher a couple times, and it got all globby. Follow the directions on the can!!!

Gunner was not impressed by the spray paint in his backyard.

Then went the color. I was very happy with how the color turned out. I was going to do a little glaze to make the texture stand out, but I thought it looked good as is. Same thing here, make sure to follow the directions on the can, and do nice even coats. I did 2 coats of the color!

So I went ahead and put the clear sealer on it.

Here's the finished product! It's not perfect, but I still love it. I'll have to keep you posted on how I use my other Thrift Shop Finds! More to come.

For now it found a home up on top of my cupboards, which are in need of some knick knack fillers. But it may turn into a vase or a utensil holder at some point.

Also hit this pool this afternoon and saw this little girl with her wearable mermaid tail! SO COOL!! Where was this when I was a kid? Hope it puts a smile on your face too!

TTFN Friends!
Happy Labor Day!



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