September 9, 2013

Weekend Recap: Tri-Cities

This weekend I went and visited my best friend, Whitney, in Kennewick, Washington.

I took a half day on Friday and zipped up to Tri-Cities in the Silver Bullet (my car's nick name)

It was a GORGEOUS drive. About 72 degrees and sunny. I rocked out, sun roof open, the whole way.
Seeing the beautiful Blue Mountains on my way

I was greeted with big hugs and a stiff drink (the usual with her family).

After I got settled in we headed to Meadow CC for bloody maries, (the best ever). Then later that night we had box seats for the Tri-City Americans hockey game. It was a blast and I got to meet some of Whitney's Tri-City friends, all of which were so fun! After the game we headed to Sam's for a couple drinks and then called it a night.
Bloodies at the country club

Saturday we were up bright and early and got so much accomplished before noon!
  •   took my car to get the tires rotated
  •  gassed up and had Whitney's mom's car (convertible Mercedes) washed.
  •  dropped Whitney's bridemaid dress off at David's Bridal to be pressed
  •  took a little trip to PetSmart for a possible costume for you know who
  •  bought groceries to make homemade pizza for game day snacks (we call our pizzas "Whitney Laura Surpise" because we always use something a little unexpected)
  •  picked up my car
There was an ice cream truck at the car-wash fundraiser, we took advantage of. Here's Whit with her Spider-Man

We got all this done in time to get back to the house, put together pizzas, and enjoy the Vandal Football Game on ROOT sports! It was such a treat to have it on TV, even though it was an ugly game. Didn't matter to me though, I got to watch it with my best friend, with a beer in hand. I was a pretty happy girl!
Game on TV. We held them scoreless for the whole first quarter!
Bought this for Whitney as a belated birthday present.

Saturday night I tagged along with Whitney and her friends to a wedding. Total Wedding Crashers style. It was sort of a bust. Techincally it was just the reception of a wedding that happened back in February. The food was so-so, the music was outdated, and it was a cash bar... but we did get some cute photos.
Love this girl! My hot wedding date!

Being in Cougar Country, most of Whitney's friends were dying to go catch the second half of the WSU vs USC game. So we ditched the wedding early for Red Robin, cold beers, fries and football!

Sunday morning, after a yummy breakfast with her family, Whitney and I hiked up Badger Mountain. It is a huge hill that overlooks the Tri-Cities. It's like the Table Rock of her town. It was a little tougher hike than I had expected, or maybe I am just THAT out of shape... But it was worth it to get some exercise in before the drive home and an extra hour of Whitney time.
Attempted panoramic shot

One view from the top

Whitney's house also got "Flocked" on Saturday night. It was an adorable fundraiser one of the local girls softball teams puts on. 
"Flocked" sooo cute!

Then we said our sad good byes. Whitney is the type of friend  I don't get to see often, but when I do we make it count. I just hope our next visit is sooner rather than later!
Us at the Humanitarian Bowl. One of my favorite visits from Whitney!

The drive home was soooo long, but I made it home to an extremely excited puppy. I made dinner and James and I watched the new Die Hard movie. It was the perfect ending to a great weekend.

TTFN Friends,


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