September 25, 2013

Heading to Vandal Homecoming!

Hello lovelies. I know I have been extremely MIA lately. I just haven’t done a lot worth blogging about (or more in truth didn’t photo document any activities well enough to use them).

But today I want to highlight something I am so excited for and someone who is very special to me.

This weekend I get to go visit my little sister, Lise in Moscow where she is attending the University of Idaho.

There are 3 reasons that I am excited for this trip:

1. I get to see my sister.

Being 7 years apart, Lise and I were never very close growing up. However once I graduated college and moved home, I found myself connecting with her more and more. We are both opposite and similar in so many ways, but we work. And I can honestly say that she is one of my closest friends.

Her and me at her high school graduation

I was so thrilled that she decided to follow my footsteps and go to U of I. I had such a wonderful experience there and I wanted her to have one too. I felt in my heart that no matter what happened to her up there, that it would be a positive experience for her, and so far I think my feeling has been right on the dot.

We share a love of Butterbeer
Though I think she originally was skeptical about the chapter she ended up in after Greek Recruitment, I now know (and it is what I expected) that she is having an amazing time in college. Personally I think this is the bread and butter of the Greek System in schools – it provides you a place where feel you belong. It gives you an instant group of friends, and it sets up some structure during a time in your life where you are going through a lot of changes.

I had so much fun with her in Disney World this summer!
I couldn’t be more excited for my younger sister, who seems to be blossoming (for lack of a better term) up at school, and I truly can’t wait to see her in that environment!

A throw back of when she came to visit me at school

2. I get to go back to Moscow.

A part of my heart will always be in Moscow. I spent four amazing years there, I met friends that I will have for the rest of my life, and I will always feel the big house on the hill is one of my homes.

PC '06 in front of the beautiful Kappa House

Graduation with my Kappa ladies in front of the Admin Building
Though none of those people are still there, I look forward to touring the Kappa house, walking around the gorgeous campus during the most beautiful time of year, and of course eating and drinking at all the places that are never quite lived up to here at home:
-          The Corner Club
-          STAX
-          The Bagel Shop
-          Moscow Ale House

Some of my friends and me enjoying the Corner Club

3. I get to rep my Vandal Spirit.

Living in the land of the Broncos, and living with two Boise State alums, it’s difficult to wear my Vandal pride loud and proud, though I do try my hardest. (If you aren't from around here, BSU and U of I are rival schools). I cannot wait to go to a place where there is no blue and orange, everyone knows their fight song, and win or lose we always have a good time and truly love and support our team. What better time to go cheer on the Vandals than for Homecoming!? I cannot wait to tailgate, sing loud and proud and cheer on my Alma Mater!

Me and the Bronco boyfriend :)

Dad, and one of the best Vandal supporters I know, get some quality time with him this weekend too!!!
So here’s to counting down till Friday when I get to head to one of my favorite places and see one of my favorite people!!!!

I look forward to recapping the weekend for you when I return!

TTFN Friends,