September 30, 2013

Weekend Recap - University of Idaho Homecoming

Hello all! I promised you a weekend recap of my Moscow trip so here it is! 

Just a heads up I am posting from my phone, so it might not be as fancy and formatted as usual. Remind me next time James asks to borrow my computer to make sure I have him elaborate on "borrow." I didn't realize that meant switching out my hard drive and taking the lap top into work for the week. Oh well, that's what smart phones are for right? 

So the weekend started with driving up to Moscow with my mom. She had told me they had opened a STAX in McCall, my favorite Moscow sandwich place. So naturally we had to stop there for lunch. It was packed with all the Boise vandals heading up north. It was sooooo good, just like I remember. Oh man I wish I could have another build your own right now! If you're ever in Moscow or McCall make a point to stop by STAX!

Ok, onto the actual purpose of the trip, getting to Moscow and seeing Lise! It was so good to see her, tour her house, Alpha Gamma Delta, and catch up with all that is new in her life.

It was also nice just to be back in Moscow. You really don't realize how much you miss a place till you return there. All my memories and warm fuzzy feelings kept coming back to me as we toured campus and even drove around town. Man I love this place!

I also missed this place tons... Good old Kappa, I had to snag a tour while I was here! 

We spent the afternoon and early evening walking around campus and taking Lise to dinner at another one of my favs, Basillio's in Pullman. Then we headed back to Moscow for the bonfire, pep rally and firework display to get pumped up for Homecoming! Again, warm fuzzies came rushing back for this, and I was gushing with Vandal pride, I-D-A-H-O...

We called it an early night to be ready for the long day tomorrow (I could feel this cold coming on, so this was needed).

Saturday we met with Lise and her big sister in the house to go down to the Saturday market and parade down town. We enjoyed all the colors and fall smells of the market and indulged in some crepes.... Mmmmmm

Then we headed up to the tailgate for the football game. Some beers and catching up with friends and it was game time before I knew it. I was excited to see a new addition to the Kibbie Dome, a new Jumbotron screen!
We had so much fun at the game and tailgate and got to be there for the Vandals first win! 

Sunday we took Lise out to her "birthday breakfast" at the Old European in Pullman. Since we won't be here for her birthday on the 9th we took this opportunity to celebrate an give her her presents. I can't believe she's going to be 19!

Then it was the long, rainy road home... It seemed to take an eternity, and I almost ached to leave Lise and Moscow behind. I can't wait till I visit again! Mom's weekend anyone?! :-)

Anyways, that's the weekend in a nutshell. I also had a super productive Monday night, grocery shopping, dog park AND I made home made turkey meatballs! Check in tomorrow for the recipe and how to!

TTFN Friends!


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