October 30, 2013

What I’m loving Wednesday

My sorority sister and blogger friend Samantha over at Everyday with S & J always does a “What I’m loving Wednesday,” and they are always my favorite posts of hers! Thought I would give it a try. Make sure to stop by and check out her blog – always fun, adorable and a good read!

So here’s what I am loving this week:


 1. My new burgundy skinnies.

With booths of course. Fall. Fashion. Fabulous.

2. Our movie kick. 

James and I have watched movies several nights this week – I have to admit that there’s not a lot that tops a night cuddling with him and Gunner and watching a good movie. We watched the following.

Saving Silverman – a classic favorite. If you enjoy funny, stupid comedy, this one is for you!

Oblivion – MIND BLOWN. That is all I will say.

Monsters University – SOOOO cute! I love how Disney Pixar movies always have a positive message and enough humor to not make me feel too old to be watching.


3. Healthy food that actually tastes good. 

Doing this 28 Day Challenge has limited a lot of what I normally eat. However, the GREAT thing is that I have found new and delicious ways to eat the healthy stuff! Like:

  •  Protein No Bake Cookies (earlier post with recipe)
  •  Cauliflower Poppers
    Taste kind of like tater tots. I season with chili and garlic powder!
  •  Kale Chips (they’re better than they look I promise! Light, crunchy and salty!)
    They look gross, I know, but really they are worth a try!
  •  Chili Rubbed Tilapia
    I don't like fish - but if you rub it in yummy spices like cumin and chili powder you can change my mind.
  •  Cinnamon-Chipotle Chicken and Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Potato (sorry no photo)


4. Kick Boxing. 

My 28 Day Challenge includes unlimited work out classes, some of which are Kick Boxing. Punching and Kicking things for exercise? YES PLEASE. Such an amazing release and fun work out! Plus I got to buy cute boxing gloves :)

5. Halloween. 

Duh – it’s Halloween week! Although I can’t partake in a lot of the goodies, I love Halloween. It is the kick off of the holiday season! Not to mention all the kids in their costumes, the gorgeous fall colors, and pumpkins galore! I can’t wait to carve my pumpkin(s) tonight! 

And one of Gunner, just in case you missed him

What are you loving this Halloween week??

TTFN Friends!


  1. Yay!! Love your WILW post!! I'm impressed with your healthy eating and kickboxing! I have thought about trying kickboxing before, it sounds like it would be a lot of fun!