January 27, 2014

A Very Wonderful and Gunner-full Weekend!

It's time for a weekend re-cap! I know I haven't done one in ages!
I will pre-warn you, if you don't like to hear people gush about their dog, you can stop reading this post now, because it's mostly about my furry child, Gunner. Other than Friday night, a majority of my weekend revolved around him (big surprise).
Friday night, as I had mentioned before, James and I celebrated our three year anniversary. We went out that night rather than trying to rush it on Tuesday, when it actually was. I had made reservations at one of our favorite places, Kyoto. It is a Japanese steakhouse where they cook your food in front of you. If you haven't experienced something like that GO. Go now! It's absolutely one of my favorite places to go and its different than your average night out. Perfect date night. 
(They lost our reservation and we had to wait 35 minutes, but it was STILL worth it)

 After dinner we went and hang out with some of my friends down town. It was extra special because I don't get to see or hang out with these girls often, and we had an absolute blast!
Saturday I had a hair appointment in the morning, and then relaxed most of the afternoon with James. Later that day I met up with some other friends for a doggie play date. Gunner and his friend Kodiak (husky puppy) played and played and played! Where do they get this kind of energy?!
Sunday revolved mostly around Gunner. Started off with a trip to the dog park. Kodiak and his parents met us there, and my dad even came with their dog Bailey. Dog party! It was really great, minus the cold. So ready for the inversion to be over! 
Here's a video of how the dog park usually is for me - repeated about 1,000 times.
Then it was bath time for Gunner. And he sure did need it. I take him to Emerald Street Kennels by our house to use their DIY doggie baths. Gunner is not a fan. But we made it through. 
Warn out from a busy morning!
Then it was time for my own pampering - I tried a coconut oil hair mask. I will do a post on it next time I do it, because my hair is SOOOO SOFT today, even after having it colored this weekend!
A couple down time hours at home and Gunner and I were off again, to my parents. Where he plays with Bailey every Sunday. It was a big day for him. Had to tuck him in early.
Since I'm on my own Sunday (James works), I am so glad I have my furry best friend to keep me company! 

TTFN Friends!
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