February 5, 2014

What I’m loving Wednesday

I have to be honest folks; I’m struggling this week to be overly lovey-dovey about life. HOWEVER, there are always things to be thankful for!

So I am going to put aside the grumpiness (from the dumping snow outside and PMS) and get to loving this Wednesday!

This is the view from the office, you can't tell, but it is basically blizzarding
I am loving that we now have set “doggie dates” for Gunner. There is a group that meets regularly at the dog park that is only about 4 blocks from my house. I almost had never seen people there before until a few weeks ago when I found out there is a group that meets at 5:30 every weekday. PERFECT! I get home and take Gunner over there as soon as I can (I admit sometimes I’m lazy and drive). But it is so great to have a place for him to play with all his new friends that are regulars like Bailey, Forrest, Vinney and Hoover so in the evenings I don’t feel guilty he was on his own all day.
One very beautiful sunset at the dog park near my house. Can you spot the Gunner?

Along with that – I have also introduced some friends and my Dad to the dog park we frequent on the weekends (since it’s a little bit of a drive) and we now have a regular Sunday morning crew! Nice to have some familiar faces at the dog park there as well!

(Is it bad that the things I love are things that actually make my dog happy? #dogmomissues )
If we don't get to the dog park I get this all night - "throw my ball mom"

I am also loving that two weeks from now I will be in sunny San Antonio (or at least warmer) for a seminar. Yay for work trips!
San Antonio River Walk

Lastly, I am loving that I have dinner in the crock pot waiting for me. Did I mention before how 
much I love my crock pot? I'm sure I have. LOVE!!!
Mine doesn't have the pretty design, but it is programmable like this one. SO AWESOME.

Hopefully I will get a recipe post up tomorrow for the tasty pork dinner I have waiting.
And that’s all for now folks!
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