February 25, 2014

Flying Solo

Hello friends!

I think I need to share a little portion of the trip that didn't make it in my last post. The ugly, make me want to punch a baby and made me bawl in the airport story.

When I went to check in for my flight home Friday afternoon I was told my connecting flight in Denver was cancelled. Cancelled?! CANCELLED?!
I kept my anxiety attack on the inside for a few minutes while the gentleman behind the kiosk searched alternative routes. My mind was going a mile a minute. What do I do? Do I just go to Denver and hope I make it out of there? Do I call my Dad and cry to him? Do I throw a fit till they get this figured out!?

Luckily none of the above happened, though I admit I shed a few tears. It's hard after week gone to be told you can't go home -- when you expect to sleep in your own bed that very night, kiss your loved one good night and see the wagging tail of your best friend. 
Where are my ruby slippers when I need them?!
He laid out my options for me. I can catch my original flight to Denver (where I would most likely sleep in the airport due to so many cancellations into that area) and fly into Portland in the morning and then finally into Boise. OR they could keep my in San Antonio another night and I would not leave until 3:30 the next day.

As a woman traveling alone I had to go with my safest and surest option - another night in San Antonio. The gentleman gave me a flier of a service to call for a hotel room. The Airline does not cover your hotel if the cancellation is due to weather (which mine of course was). This service was supposed to help me get a room close to the airport for a low cost. I called the number and was on hold for 19 minutes. Yeah, cherry on top - but wait it gets better....
The woman on the line told me the name of the hotel she had booked for me, a rate, a confirmation number and the phone number to schedule my shuttle to the hotel.
I finally felt like things were in order. I sat down and called the people I needed to let know I was stuck. Then I called the hotel. NO RECORD of my reservation. Thanks a bunch crummy airline service place! Luckily I was able to just book a room there, the last they had left.

I was told to get into a taxi and that the hotel would pay my fare when I arrived. I told the driver the name of the hotel. He did not recognize it. I called the hotel and he provided directions by major land marks. Apparently that wasn't good enough for the non-English speaking driver because we ended up being lost for 15 minutes on a drive that should have been 5. Yep - lucky me.
Finally when I had had about all I could take, I made it to the hotel, checked into my room that had the shower out in the main room, and threw myself down on the bed.

The good news is that this story does have a happy ending. That night I went to a Tex-Mex place for dinner, enjoyed a few beers (MUCH NEEDED) and a yummy shrimp quesadilla.
Then I found the one blessing of having the shower out in the room - it was also a jacuzzi tub and the TV swiveled.... Say Yes to the Dress while in the tub? Sure, why not? :)
So it all turned out fine. I am just a worry wart, panic attack prone person.

Have you ever been stuck somewhere when traveling? Stuck somewhere alone? I'd love to hear your story!

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