March 27, 2014

Easy Forcing Bulbs Tutorial

Hello friends!

It is finally starting to look like spring around here, and since the ones in my yard are taking their sweet time, I did a little experiment with spring flowers indoors.

The best thing about it? IT IS RIDICULOUSLY EASY.
Here's what you need:
  • 1 wide mouth vase or container (you can experiment with other shapes if you like)
  • Rocks, marbles or filler of some kind, to fill bottom of vase
  • 6-8 bulbs depending on size of vase and bulbs  (I used tulips I had on hand)
This whole project only cost me $6. $5 for the vase at Walmart and $1 for the rocks from the dollar store. I already had the bulbs because I was really ambitious this fall and bought WAY more than I could actually get around to planting.
Step 1: Fill bottom of vase with stones.
Step 2: Layer bulbs over stones, edge to edge, filling the space as tightly as you can. The point of the bulb faces up, roots go down. Mine were obvious because they had little nubs growing already.

Step 3: Fill container with water to JUST BELOW THE BULBS. This is important. If you fill the vase too full, the bulbs will drown. It should be just below the bulbs, and there roots will reach down to it.
Step 4: Place in an area that gets natural sunlight in your home. Mine were right on my kitchen table.
Step 5: As the days pass, make sure you keep the water level the same - it doesn't take much, I think I added a little about once a week. Here's what they looked like after about one week.

Step 6: Enjoy! A week later (or two weeks after starting) I had blooms!

I can't wait to try different containers and maybe some different kinds of bulbs! It was so easy, and you can do it year round! 
Please let me know if you try to force your own bulbs and if you have success!
I just love the pop of spring!
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  1. This is fantastic! I love how elegant it looks and it's so simple. Doing this soon!

  2. Brilliant! Definitely going to give this a try! I'm 97% sure that my cats will immediately eat all the petals off but hey, it can't hurt to try.